December 5, 2017

Carnival Cruise Anniversary

     My husband, Bruce, and I recently celebrated our anniversary and decided to go on a cruise. Can you say An Affair to Remember (See complete movie here on YouTube.) -That wonderful Cary Grant movie with several scenes set onboard a cruise ship ... I didn't want to drive to a distant port of departure because we'd have to drive home that same distance, tired and worn, from said cruise.  Happily, we have a terminal nearly in our back yard.  Actually, it's little more than half an hour south from Amelia Island, in Jacksonville, Florida. We also had the luxury of being dropped off and picked up by sweet friends. Very lucky us.  So, we hopped on board and off we sailed! 

Elation's stern passing under
Jacksonville, Florida's
Dames Point Bridge upon departure. 

     We took a 5 day sail on Carnival's Elation to the Bahamas.  It was just great. The food, the service, the maintenance,  the near-Broadway style shows, my favorite part, were all wonderful. Oh, plus 24 hours of pizza, ice cream and room service. Sigh ... Talk about pampered

Yes, Virginia, the Caribbean water is that blue.
just a cool interior shot
Nassau, Bahamas   

Darling towel animals greeted
us each night on our bed.
We won!  We won!!!

This little birdie fought the wind and
rode on the flagpole for miles. 
What a view he had!

smooth sailing all the way

Remember I wrote the ship was well
maintained? This greased pulley
impressed me and made me feel safe.

a full moon, too

so romantic

Jane Marie, Bruce and Queen Victoria 

And to all, a good night ...

PS - Have I mentioned, my next novel,
Amelia Island's Sand and Sin, takes place, in part, aboard a cruise ship? - Jane Marie