January 3, 2018

A Valentine Tree plus Goodbye Diaries-Miss Ella

     If you haven't already disposed of your live Christmas tree - WAIT.  If you have an artificial tree you haven't put away yet or if you have, get it out again. Why? Because you can easily create a Valentine Tree.  A friend suggested doing this since there was still plenty of life left in the living tree.  
     You can see in the photo how I've used a couple strings of red lights, red garland, pearl garland and cut out paper hearts of pink and white.  This took me all of thirty minutes.  The kids will love it, too, and they can help with cutting the hearts and decorating.  Add a faux bird or three (odd numbers look better), some lace, tie bows on a few of the branch tips, place an old Valentine card for sentimental reasons or new Valentines here and there, add a white sheet, an old Victorian-looking book and a heart shaped platter beneath the tree and a small doll or large bow at the top. There you have it.  Good, wholesome, all-American fun! 
     Hey, decorate a small outside tree, bush or potted plant with red, pink and white weather-resistant bows.  I figure it like this.  If you go to the effort of decorating, enjoy that effort and make it last until the dust settles over it and you're forced to dismantle the thing or redo it.
     What? Too soon after New Year's?  Maybe for some, but I'm always in the holiday spirit!
                                  Jane Marie

Goodbye Lie Diaries
Late 1800s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Miss Ella writes: This is such a wonderful idea,
Miss Ella

Jane Marie.  I do not have your red lights, but have pretty patterned wrapping paper we can use for the hearts to decorate our potted palm in the parlor.  The Sisters of Saint Michael's church have given me the most beautiful handmade lace.  That can be our garland. I will not have to cut into it and shall use it for trim on a  christening gown for the family.  You know how we have babies now that our children are grown. The little ones might find some pink-hued small shells on the beach to hang as well.  The ideas are endless.  Thank you for always including our Dunnigan family.

The Goodbye Lie historical romance series, available in e-book and paperback, features the Dunnigan family and all their antics, desires and dreams in late 1800 Amelia Island, Florida. Click on the link above for details.