April 10, 2018

The Case of the Mysterious Droppings

Clearly, Abby feels no guilt or shame.
     Look at the photo on the right and realize this is the first thing I saw as I exited our bedroom that foggy Easter morning. Wearing my Sunday best, my tasseled shoes included, I prepared myself for the less than likeable task of clean-up. And since I  don't believe in embarrassing animals or humans, I didn't question Abby about the matter. But I thought the image of our Spokes Dog, standing in the middle of you know what, proved she was the guilty party.  Although she looked quite proud of herself in the picture, she knew better than to do her business in the house. In fact, it's rare that she does. Oh, a dust bunny suggested the Easter Bunny left us this remembrance of him, but I was not fooled.  Abby was the culprit, for sure.
     Or was she? Remember I mentioned my special shoes. They are dressy and comfy and I've had them for ages. They are some kind of silky fabric and have no signs of wear. I always try them on the night before an event to make certain my feet, over the years, haven't grown and I have that Cinderella wicked step-sister thingie going on. 
my beloved tasseled shoes
   So, back to Easter morning. I heard this odd clacking. Naturally, I looked about to find the source of the clacking. Then I remembered the previous evening as I walked around the house in my shoes. The lights were low, the TV was blaring and Abby was barking at the passersby outside. Hmm. The noise was enough to make we want to scream phooey!  This morning, the house was quiet so with an even cadence when I walked, the clacking noise sounded. When I stopped walking, the clacking stopped, too. Hmm, a second time. Could it be? By jingo, it sure could. When I raised my foot to look at the heel of my shoe, there was none!  At least, the rubber sole part was gone. The droppings were not from innocent Abby, but from my shoes! They were and still are so old, the rubber had dry-rotted!            Sorry Abs. If you could talk, I think you would happily give me a piece of your doggie mind.  I know you have a mind because when I lift your right front paw, you let me shake it. That's the best trick you do, next to taking food from my fingertips, of course.  
🎜Where has all the rubber gone? Long time passing🎝

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