May 18, 2018

Royal Wedding Games!

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     My sister  sent me a copy of Royal Wedding Bingo. Thank you, Peggy.  I don't know from whence it originated, but it's very cute.  Things like: William and Harry joke on the altar, Megan 10 minutes late and Cringey nod to America, are some of the blocks to check off.  Feel free to make up your own. 
I googled royal games and found this link. From a hat contest to a mini-cake baking challenge, check out the fun for your early morning watch party.  Games may be played following the wedding, too.  Why not?  Fun is fun, isn't it?
And this wedding is not a happy ending. Rather, it is a happy beginning for Prince Harry and his lady, Meghan. 
      God bless them both.

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