June 15, 2018

My Father

     Thinking about our precious father, I realize I have a smile on my face.  That sums it up.  His love for his children, grandchildren and great-grandchild, all the days of our lives, is the most precious treasure a human being can expect on this earth.  And his every action, with regard to us, reinforced that love.  
     My siblings and I have been blessed beyond words, measure and forever, having been born into the family headed by such a gentle, feisty and good man as Leo Michael Harkins. May the Lord continue to hold Daddy in the hollow of His mighty hand. May the flutter of angels' wings keep time to the beat of Tommy Dorsey's orchestra playing background in an eternity of laughter and joy as Daddy stands beside the woman he loves, in the presence of our saving Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you, God. Amen.

My hope is that each of you enjoys the tender care of a father-figure. Be it a lifetime or a momentary touch of a strong arm about your shoulder, take it into your soul, feel that love and let it warm you always.  

Happy Father's Day to All
on earth and in Heaven

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