August 2, 2018

Grammy Camp - Paintbrush Dolls

Granddaughter Ava's Bride Doll
     A big part of our annual Grammy Camp is all about creating. Last year, we made dolls from perfume bottles. This year we made these fabulous dolls from paintbrushes. They are fashioned with odd trinkets from my lifetime collection of stuff in my craft boxes.  Here is how we made ours:

You'll need:

Paintbrush from the Dollar Store
Paint of your choice to cover the brush handle and bristles, optional
Grammy's Irish Doll
Face - large(about 1") clear glass button-rounds-trace a circle on paper, draw a face and glue it to the back of the glass button with clear glue
Trim - glitter, ribbon, flowers, buttons, shells, rick-rack, fabric etc. 

Simple or fancy, make your paintbrush doll as a gift, as an ornament, door hanger, wall art, etc.  Remember, no two will be alike and it's relaxing me time or time with the kids, plus it's just pure fun!

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