April 28, 2017

New Friends

Meet my new friend, Samiksha Bose from St. Augstine, Florida.  She is originally from India and we got to chatting, along with her lovely daughter.  If you know me, I'm the Question Meister. So, I asked all about her native land and customs.

After we parted,  I wondered why she would have an interest in my Goodbye Lie series.  Then, I realized how she very well could be curious about the late 1800s on Amelia Island, Florida, the same way I am curious about her world.  Good thing my stories are historically correct, to the best of my  research, particularly at our Amelia Island Museum of History. 

P.S. Don't take my glum expression in the photo above at face value. Clearly, I am thinking very heavy-duty thoughts.

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April 25, 2017

Grilled Cheese Pizza

I first saw Grilled Cheese Pizza on Pinterest.  The photo looked good so I tried it.*  It's easy and fun and a good Friday or Saturday night meal or anytime you don't want anything fancy or time consuming to prepare.  

You'll need:

Bread- 2 slices per serving
Butter or whatever you use to crisp up the outside
Pizza sauce or add oregano and/or basil to spaghetti/tomato sauce
Provolone or Mozzarella cheese slices
Pepperoni-original (microwaved for a few seconds on paper towels to remove excess grease) or turkey (much less grease)
Mushrooms, etc., and favorite pizza toppings

Butter the exterior of both slices of bread. Place a slice of cheese on the unbuttered side of a slice of bread.  Add some pizza sauce.  Not too much or it can make the bread soggy.  Spread evenly.  Add slices of pepperoni and other toppings, if any. Add a second slice of cheese. Top with second piece of bread, unbuttered side atop the cheese.  Grill in frying pan or I used a George Foreman grill until golden brown and the cheese is melted.


P.S.  As I type this, I'm thinking you could make a Mexican version and use Cheddar, Colby or Mexican type cheese, salsa, refried beans (no-fat), green chillers and green onions, etc!

* I don't know who put Grilled Cheese Pizza on Pinterest. If you are the person, please contact me at graciousjanemarie@yahoo.com and I will credit you, of course.

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April 21, 2017

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow- Goodbye Lie Diaries

Late 1800s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Miss Ella writes:
     It was lovely chatting with you the other day, Jane Marie. How wonderful it is that you are able to show a photograph of what could be my very own Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow bush.  Mine is planted at the base of my white rose climber.  You recall my rose garden is beside and slightly behind Dunnigan Manor, but still visible as you come up the front drive. The white in the roses brings out the contracting shades of purple, lavender and white on the bush.
Miss Ella
     I grew mine from cuttings given to me by Mrs. Ickles.  I planted two sprigs in Aunt Noreen's front flower bed.  I think, perhaps, she was too attentive and a bit heavy-handed with the water. They do not like their feet wet, so it did not survive.  Gardening is not one of her prime interests, especially if it is hot enough to make Auntie glow and glisten, if you understand my meaning.  

Modern times
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida

 Jane Marie writes:    Since your Dunnigan Manor is only a few blocks from our house, Miss Ella, the growing conditions are the same, and my YTT bush is, indeed, doing well, as you can see. 
     I did a little research to tell our readers a bit about this plant. The official name is brunfelsia. As a shrub, it likes warm climates and blooms in the spring and summer.  In the colder areas, it will grow in a pot.  My plant is in the full sun. However, it will also grow well if there is a little shade.  Just make sure it has more sun than shade. Yes, the soil needs to be well drained.  I found out, too, that the seeds are poison to children and animals!

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April 10, 2017

Proud Post Office

My husband, former mayor of Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida, Bruce Malcolm, and I were pleased to attend the recent historical marker dedication of the 1912 Post Office-Customs House-Courthouse in our city.  This important event was sponsored by the Princess Amelia Chapter, Colonial Dames XVII Century.  After being on the Fernandina Historical District
FL State Senator Aaron Bean speaking
Council for over ten years,  saving the beautiful building was one of Bruce’s goals.  Finally, we were both thrilled to see the workman resurface the exterior with all its detail.   So here is a huge thank you to each person who contributed to this worthwhile project in  any fashion.  The post office is one of the anchor buildings on our Centre Street and so important to our city’s heritage. 
Read the inscription on the marker below:
The Old Post Office 1912
U.S. Post Office-Customs House-Courthouse.  Dedicated in 1912, this Italian Renaissance Revival building was designed under the direction of Treasury Department architect James Knox Taylor.  The interior was custom build to accommodate the building’s three original function as a U.S. Customs House, Courthouse, and Post Office.  The building features a symmetrical facade, uniformly-arched windows and doors with terra cotta accents, second floor windows with gabled pediments, decorative balustrades, and small square windows on the top floor.  Brick walls faced with stucco rise from a granite base three stories to a tiled,, hipped roof with widely extending eaves supported by decorative brackets.  The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida met here until the creation of the Middle District in 1962.  The building was then used by the Middle District until divisional judicial functions were consolidated in Jacksonville.  The building is a notable feature of the city’s urban landscape and it the second tallest structure exceeded only by the Nassau County Courthouse’s clock tower.  In 1973, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing resource in the Fernandina Beach Historic District. 
A Florida Heritage Site sponsored by the Princess Amelia Chapter National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century and the Florida Department of State.

April 4, 2017

Free and Fun

Jane Marie's
toilet paper tube flower
I discovered snowflakes made of toilet paper tubes while I was scrolling through wonderful #Pinterest. Here is my version of what I think are the basics in making TP  #ornaments: Flatten a toilet paper tube  in half lengthwise and then cut it into 1/4 inch pieces. Make your style of a snowflake pattern with the pieces and glue them together. Once dry, apply spray paint and toss on some glitter while that paint is still wet.  Add a simple ribbon and hang them anywhere.

Because I am scientifically inclined, everybody knows that about me,  I personally had to check out the dynamics of flattening a toilet paper tube in half and cutting it into strips.  Ah, but my end game was not to make ornaments.  No,  I left the strips loose in order for people to make their own designs atop a colored sheet of paper.  It's fun to watch folks, young and old, either mindlessly or with purpose #create designs.  One man added a few coins for the centers of flowers while another stripped a few leaves from  nearby plant to add color.

With an endless supply of toilet paper tubes, who knows what beautiful art will be crafted.  I have discovered that different brands of TP have different colors/shades of rolls inside the paper.  There is another exciting bonus for you! 

P.S.  Don't use paper towel tubes because they are generally thicker and harder to smash in half plus some may be difficult to cut through.