April 23, 2019

Why and How of Writing

 Goodbye Lie series

Two questions I'm oft times asked at book signings are:

What made you write books?   
     It is always much fun for me to meet new people, especially those who like historical 
     The quick version to why I write is my husband lost his job (the company downsized) and we moved to Arkansas to open a fine dining restaurant with friends with money. (We were the sweat equity.) I was heartsick over leaving Fernandina.  I thought writing a book would be a great way to remember the town. Well, you're supposed to write what you like to read, i.e., historical romance/suspense. Since I'd already taken docent training at the local Amelia Island Museum of History and Victorian Amelia Island was the perfect setting, I began writing one book,The Goodbye Lie to put in my granddaughter's hope chest, for posterity. It was much fun for me and so involving, I had to find out what happened to the other members of the fictional Dunnigan family. That's why I wrote two more with the forth in the works. Oh, after the first book, we moved back to Amelia Island, and my husband, Bruce Malcolm, became the mayor!  

Where do I begin to become a writer?
     So many people have stories to tell and they want to do so, but don't know how. I can only give them my experience, so I simply say, "Just go ahead and give it a try." Begin with short stories. If they are related, they could turn into chapters in a book.  A whole book can be daunting, so try this way.  Find a good friend you trust enough to read your efforts and ask him or her for suggestions on improving your writing and story-line. If you agree, follow their suggestions. If not, and you think the words are best left as originally written, just keep going. Remember, you have to have a thick skin. Remember, too, not everybody will like your style or subject matter.  If you're extremely lucky and determined,  you may eventually get your story out there for the public to discover. But, the bottom line is: Write for the love of the sport. That's what I do.

April 14, 2019

A Major Award from Peeper!

Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida, a sittin' on the Atlantic Ocean, USA

Late 1880s
     Grandmother Peeper writes:  I am Peeper Clegg. I am one a the favorite stars a readers a Jane Marie Malcolm's old- timey, ta her, Goodbye Lie books.(Jane Marie calls 'em novels in a series.)  They are writ about where I live now and where she lives in the future, the 21st century, sakes alive!  
     So, I must be truthful, here. 'Twas Jane Marie who begun the 3 Second Memory Club 'cause she's always sayin' how she don't recall nothing.  That ain't entirely a fact.  She remembers enough ta write good books.  I'm certain sure she cain't never forget my glorious and very interestin' ways, so that helps her fill up her pages.  
     Anyhow, she told me ta tell folks ta click right where it says Join 3 Second Memory Club  ta find out all about the club, but here is a sample: There are no applications, no rules, no meetings, no dues, just a kindred of like-minded souls with great long term memories and next to zero short term memories. Warning! If you remember the name of the club,  you’re over qualified but you can still read Jane Marie's blogs and books until you lose your memory.  
     Since Jane Marie is oft times busy writin' her next book in the series, she's acallin' it Sand and Sin, and makin' her recipes, many a them she gets from me, I  gave her the guilts by telling her she was lettin' folks down fur not havin' a official proof a membership to the 3 Second Memory Club.  So, whilst the peach cobbler was a-coolin', she slowed down and created her own certificate and had me ta sign it. My friends want ta be members and are askin' for somethin' ta frame and hang on their wall. Once again, ol' JMM came through fur us.  She said ta copy, paste and print the picture below then fill in your own name. Spread the word cause there are lots of us forgetters out there in this century and in Jane Marie's time, too. 
     Now where did I put my sewin' basket?   

April 2, 2019

Hands of Love plus Goodbye Lie Diaries-Entries by "The Girls"

Present Day
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida

     To me, this is a perfect picture of love.  It came about when I saw my Bruce's hand print on our blanket where he had straightened the bed covers, smoothing the wrinkles in the nap. Like a refreshable Etch A Sketch, our granddaughter, Ava, and I have drawn pictures in this same nap, at our annual Grammy Camp. And so it came to me to place my hand on this most impressionable blanket, along side that of my dear husband's.  I had to photograph the result and share with you other romantics out there.  đź’‘  Jane Marie

*The Goodbye Lie Diaries

Late 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Breelan writes - At the sight of this powerful image, romance with the man I love fills my entire being.


Carolena - To discover his hand print and then compliment it with your own, tells a story of love for a lifetime. 


Marie - Ahh ...  I want a good man of my own ...


     The Goodbye Lie Diaries on this blog are written by the  The Goodbye Lie series characters, themselves, and what characters they are! Set in the late 1880s on Amelia Island in north Florida, these girls are siblings in the Irish Dunnigan family. Each sister has a distinct personality and look and each has a novel telling her own story as part of the series.  Read the tales of the Dunnigan girls as follows: 

Breelan- The Goodbye Lie
Carolena - Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow
Marie - Amelia Island's Mark of a Man
             (brother Pat shares this novel)

   The Dunnigans welcome you to their family. Hang on tightly! There's a whole lot of bouncin' goin' on!
                        -Jane Marie Malcolm (author and close friend to the Dunnigan clan)