May 22, 2018

Diaper Drop plus The Goodbye Lie Diaries - Breelan Dunnigan

Here is an easy and oh so useful idea for the office, business, house of worship or anywhere people gather.  It's called a Diaper Drop and Prince of Peach Lutheran Church on Amelia Island, Florida is doing this collection for charity.  Diapers are  one thing necessary the first years of a baby's life.  For anyone watching their pennies, and who isn't, especially young couples, diapers are the perfect item to help them out.  If you watch the BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) sales, you might even double-donate.  Grab a cardboard box, make a sign and you're ready to start gathering for a good cause! 
   The same goes for a Sox Box or Tee (Shirt) Treasures, Dental Delights (toothpaste, etc.), Pasta Presents, etc. 

The Goodbye Lie Diaries
Late 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Breelan writes:  What a wonderful idea, Jane Marie.  We do not have packages of diapers as your photograph shows, but we can purchase or
cut fresh cotton cloth diapers to donate.  I have to go to the Florida Mirror newspaper office this afternoon to turn in my copy for the advertisement our Aqua Verde Passenger Line will run next week.  I will suggest to Major Fairbanks, the editor, that he does this very thing and, mayhap,  your Sox Box, as well. There are so many needleworkers in Fernandina who could knit or crochet a pair or two of socks or some sort of simple booties, I am certain they will contribute. Socks could be purchased, too, of course. In my short career, first as a cub reporter and now in charge of advertising for our cruising company, I have learned how most folks are giving
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. Part of God's plan is to help others and this is a lovely way in which to do that. Maybe Major Fairbanks will put a small notice in his newspaper, showcasing this matter. Meanwhile, I will  tell everyone I see.  Even better, I'll mention it to Aunt Noreen and word will spread faster than a pig eats waffles as Peeper would say. At least, Auntie will be telling a worthwhile tale for once. 

Breelan is the second oldest daughter in the Dunnigan family on Amelia Island. She is unaware of her allure and that invites danger on too many levels ... Grandmother Peeper adopted the Dunnigan household when Michael, the patriarch, was gone to war and his wife, Miss Ella, was by herself with just her two little girls, Breelan and Carolena.  Everyone loves Peep.  Aunt Noreen, who lives next door, not so much. 

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