June 15, 2021

Year-Round Patriotic Tree

      We should celebrate America every day, so why not put up a patriotic tree?  You can leave this decorated gem out year round.  I have posted pictures of other themed trees, Christmas, Valentine, St. Patrick, Easter/Spring and now we are enjoying this red, white and blue delight and it's easy to create.  The whole family can participate, which makes it all the better.  From the Spring tree, I removed anything that was not red, white and blue.  There are round Christmas balls, flowers, Dollar Tree U, S and A, letters (all on one banner which I cut apart), ribbon, lace, cut out paper stars I down-loaded free from the internet, silver ice-cycles to add extra sparkle along with the twinkling white lights and three large flags surrounding the top hat made from a coffee can. Scroll down to see the top hat tree topper photo. The only expense was one dollar for the USA sign and two more dollars for some extra flowers.  I was short on the red and blue.  Any-who, I love how it turned out.  Consider doing your own and God bless America!

The tree topper is made with red and white checked fabric covering a coffee can.  A painted cardboard brim, computer printed paper stars, a recycled bow with added ribbon, the white plastic coffee can lid, an embroidered star from an actual American flag and glitter complete the hat.

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