June 24, 2021

Peeper's Muffin Tin Meatlof Muffies - Goodbye Lie Diaries

Jane Marie's modern version of
 Peeper's Meatloaf Muffies

(What are The Goodbye Lie Diaries?

Through the magic of electronics, a scattering of stardust and a fluttering of bluebird feathers, characters out of the past from The Goodbye Lie series can communicate  with us and we with them! Read on... )   


Late 1800s

Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Peeper writes:  Our wee ones and not so wee ones, just 'bout anybody eatin' supper with us at Dunnigan Manor, is crazy fer my meatloaf muffies I bake in muffin tins.  Why, even Mrs. Ickles, who does a whole lot a grousin', almost worse than Aunt Noreena, likes 'em.  They's the caterpillar's corset, if I do say it myself - and I do!  Jest mix up a batch

a your best meatloaf, grease each holler in the muffin tin, roll balls a meat betwixt your hands, press 'em gentle-like inta the holes in the pan, top with a tomata slice or sauce and bake in a medium hot oven fer 35 ta 45 minutes till all done.  Don't be aburnin' 'em, but I do like mine crispy on the outside.  Give it a try and there'll be plenty a grins showin' meat in their teeth around the dinner table. 


Current Day

Jane Marie writes:  I agree with Peeper.  I tried her meatloaf muffies and, not only are they a fun presentation, but they don't take as long to bake at 350℉ as does an actual meatloaf. I used muffin papers and you can top them with ketchup, too, of course.  I sprinkled mine with a little parmesan cheese.  Oh, they are great for a bagged lunch as long as they are kept chilled until devoured.   


Who is Peeper?

Peeper Clegg
adopted the Dunnigan family and moved right in on them, way back in the 1860s.  Now, she is the beloved grandmother of the lot.  Well known for her elixir fixers and funny fights with neighbor Aunt Noreen, she is a prime character in the The Goodbye Lie historical romance series. 

If you love romance,

try Jane Marie's Goodbye Lie series. 

 "Men will die

 for Breelan Dunnigan ..."   


đź’– May sparkling hearts overflowing with love 

rain down on you forever! đź’– -jmm

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