(Peeper-isms below)

     Peeper is Amelia Island's favorite grandmother!  Well, favorite for her time in the late 1800s ... and, frankly, she's still very popular today among readers of Amelia Island's Goodbye Lie series.  Why? One reason, or so I've been told, is how she tells her next door neighbor,  Noreena aka Aunt Noreen, "where the hog bit the punkin." And she "don't give no nevermind who hears or sees" their hilarious confrontations.  Another reason she's beloved is her elixer-fixers, her mostly natural home remedies.  Next to Doc Tackett, "the townfolk of Fernandina on Amelia Island might come a-knockin' most any time a night.  A body's likely ta git little shuteye, but when you's good at somethin', it'd be a sin not ta help anybody aseekin' yur services," says Peeper.
     "People's always askin' me how I come ta join the Dunnigan family here in Fernandina.  They's the finest family in town.  There might be some that's richer by way a money in the bank, but none other when it comes ta the real valuable of livin', and that's love.  They got a heap extra ifn' anybody needs some. Well,  I heard about a pretty girl, wed only a few years, Mrs. Dunnigan, Miss Ella ta everybody who knows her good. I knocked on her door way back when Carolena was just a sprig of a girl, and said I was here ta help her since her man, Mr. Michael, was gone off ta the War Between the States. I pushed past her, because I knowed it would be the best thing fur ever-body and I ain't never left.  My favorite children is all a them.  Even Warren Lowell, Noreen's child.  He tweren't one I liked much once he got ta walking.  He had them mean toed shoes and he twern't too shy ta use 'em on his sister, Nora, and his cousins, Carolena and Breelan, even little Marie. When he outgrowed that part, I liked him fine. It's cause he's got a fine father in Clabe, that he turned out good. With Noreena as a mama, well, she's just nasty as a three day old skinned rabbit in the sun.
     Oh, ya come here ta read some a my Peeperisms, like folks calls 'em.  Here's a few.  I got more, so check back.  Don't want nobody amissin' my wisdom."

  • Aunta Noreena couldn't grow a weed if she smothered it in manure and spit tobacco juice on it.
  • Noreena spreads gossip faster than a pig eats waffles.
  • If'n ya sit in the dark ta hide yur sad, folks won't know about it, ta make ya glad.
  • My ma always told me, if'n ya act like a skunk, the folks about town will smell yur stinky feet acomin' before they see ya.
  • Thoughts is things, so don't be thinkin' 'bout bad matters.
  • If'n ya butter your biscuit with the other hand, you'll only have half the weeds in your vegabull garden.
  • Did you know that white cats are oft deaf?
  • If ya hang a boot upside down, the weather will change.
  • Don't never drink milk and eat fish together or else your shirt will wrinkle.
  • If'n ya season the chicken too much, your shoes will be tight. 
  • (more to come)
"Should ya not be atrustin' me, try some a these things I been suggesting. Aunt Noreen is always sayin' I'm full of gizzards and fool, but she don't know her ear from her elbow, that one." -Peeper