February 4, 2022

Simple Romantic Ideas from The Goodbye Lie Characters

     I have asked some of the characters featured in
my Amelia Island's 
Goodbye Lie historical romance novels for suggestions on how lovers might celebrate Valentine's Day. Through the magic of electronics, mental telepathy and a smidge of time travel, we are able to communicate with each other from their time  in the late 1800s to ours and back. Here are their responses:


Fernandina on Amelia Island in north Florida

circa late 1800s

 Breelan Dunnigan (second oldest daughter) - Change your perfume or aftershave. Different scents evoke different emotions and inspire love.  Put a drop on the tip of your nose so you can smell the scent even when you think it has worn off. 

         Miss Ella Dunnigan

Miss Ella
(matriarch) - Have 11 roses or other favorite flower waiting in a vase of water for your love to find.  Then hand-deliver the 12th flower.


           Waite Taylor (captain of the Gentle Comfort) - If you're handy with a knife and/or
chisel, carve a heart into a tree or wooden bench or board with your love's initials and yours.  
It's been done by others, but is still effective. 

Nora Duffy (first cousin to the Dunnigans)- Create a sealed formal handwritten invitation to a dinner-dance in your home.  Sent it by post to your love or hide it where he or she will find it.  Be certain to add that Sunday best attire is required. Prepare a simple but elegant meal served on your fanciest dishes.  Do not forget dessert.  Play music of some sort on the piano, pump organ, violin or harmonica, whatever instrument you have.  If you cannot play a note, sing a love song.  If you do not sing well, sing anyway and enjoy a mutual laugh.

Peeper (adopted grandmother -Give a cactus to the one you're alovin' with a note sayin', "I'm stuck on ya."

 Michael Dunnigan

(patriarch) - If you have one, secretly find your marriage certificate, roll it up and place it in a decorative cylindrical document holder.  Ceremoniously hang it by your and your spouse's bed, making it official. 

Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida, Current day

Jane Marie Malcolm - Give a good romantic novel.  May I suggest any or all of the E-books or paperback books in Amelia Island's Goodbye Lie series.  No matter your personal situation, it's always fun to put yourself in the heroine's slippers or hero's boots. Cozy up and enjoy the romance ... 💓 

Amelia Island's Goodbye Lie Series 

Of course, these ideas could be used for anniversaries or any time you want to do a little something extra special for your sweetie. 

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