Please try to control your surprise as to 
the heights of glory which 
Jane Marie Malcolm has reached.

From  Melissa Sloper, Executive Director of The Lakeside at Amelia Island Blog:

Presented to Jane Marie with admiration from Martha Bear, Teddy O, Airbourne, grasshopper advisor, Spew, the vomiting kitty, Art, the bearling who likes to draw on walls, and  all the critters who add humor and delight to Jane Marie's novels, short stories and blog.  They want her to continue writing about them,  so gave her this 
one-of-a-kind Elbow Lickers' Award.

Recognized by somebody as one of
 literature's best chapter-enders,
Jane Marie proudly wears the
 Scene Queen crown and sash.

Jane Marie featured for 4 seconds on the television show, Entertainment Tonight
dressed in period gown for
 Gone With The Wind 50th Anniversary costume ball in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jane Marie is a deserving member of the
 3 Second Memory Club, featured in
  Amelia Island's Mark of a Man, set in 1898. There being no benefits accompanying this certificate, it is pretty much worthless. However, this club is ever-growing 
 to present day. 

Just another crowning ...
Take note of the darts in Jane Marie's crown, readily available for the next brave soul wishing to try to dethrone the Queen.

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