January 17, 2022

Paper Bag Mittens

     Although we don't get snow in Fernandina  Beach on Amelia Island, Florida where we live with all the characters from our The Goodbye Lie series of historical romance novels, we still enjoy the coziness found in winter.  Hence, here are a pair of mittens I crafted from paper bags!  Thanks to Lisa Croker, owner of The  Silver Farmhouse, online, you can easily make your own pair at a very inexpensive price.  Click here for Lisa's specific instructions: The Silver Farmhouse paper bag mittens blog . Thank you, Lisa. And as I say around here, "Where's the Snow?"  -jmm

P.S. The ribbon from which the mittens hang is several decades old. I originally used it as trim on a vest I sewed for my wonderful daughter, Barbra. The little jingle bells are probably twenty years old. I am not a pack rat. I am a pack mouse. I only keep bits of fluff and bobble to use in the future. Then again, there is our granddaughter’s out-dated and legally unsafe booster seat which sat in the garage for a while. It was so old, they couldn’t give it away at the church rummage sale.  And I was very careful to keep both armrest covers on the thing. Well, maybe the critters at the dump can make a pretty little house from it. Did I mention our little grandgirl, Ava, is now driving?

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