March 13, 2010

No Left Turns, Please

←  People often laugh at me. I don't mind at all because I crack myself up, too. While I don't find this next characteristic particularly funny, I do concede it may sound strange to most folks out there. I don't like left hand turns while driving. I avoid them as much as possible. What could I have against going left? Am I against everything left? I am left handed, after all. 3/4 of the siblings in my family are lefties. Our mother was. Our grandchild is as well. I brush my teeth with my left hand, and paint with my left hand. I prefer door knobs on the left and put my left shoe on first. I read from left to right. I ... Okay, enough of that. I just don't like to go left because I don't like to turn in front of on coming traffic. Maybe it's because my husband says I have no sense of closing speed and I think cars are coming toward me faster than they really are. Whatever, Bruce. I don't like to go left. To that end, I naturally turn right. While it takes me longer to get to my destination, I feel safer.

Then we have the situation where when I look in the rear view mirror at the turn signal of the car behind me- I'm never quite sure if he/she is turning right or left. To be on the safe, I might glace over my shoulder to verify which side of their car is flashing.

Don't forget we have the issue of the part of the car I'm driving that follows me, that's behind me. My Gracious Mobile has a long wheel base, so sayeth my hubby (him and all his technical car talk.) If I thought about all that metal body extending from the back seat to the back bumper and how I am responsible for keeping it undented, it might make me anxious. Therefore, I just assume the back part of the vehicle will naturally follow the front part so I put it out of my mind. Now, that's logical.

Say, is anyone up for a road trip? Since we can only take right hand turns, it may be a bit tricky to get where we all want to go, but we'll have quite the debate trying to get there. Who wants to fold the map?


  1. Jane Marie,

    You are pretty strange.

  2. LOL !! Remind me to do the driving if we ever get in the car together ! ;o)