#2 Amelia Island's VELVET UNDERTOW by Jane Marie Malcolm

What is Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow? by Jane Marie Malcolm

Tangles, tears and terror combine to form an undertow so powerful, your heart will race, beat for beat, with Carolena Dunnigan's, the brilliant, bright and bold heroine.

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             Amelia Island, Florida in 1889-- The interior designer for Aqua Verdi Passenger Line, Carolena Dunnigan is witness to something so disillusioning, she flees to Charleston, South Carolina seeking work. There her life becomes a crazed tangle between a world famous conductor and an interfering ship's engineer. Decades of secrets seep forth as she chases the truth, which drives her into the horrific Johnstown, Pennsylvania Flood. Will Carolena have the strength, courage and luck to survive or die hating everyone and everything that tore apart her gladsome Amelia Island life?

           Meet Clara Barton, of the American Red Cross, instrumental in saving lives during the Johnstown Flood. Revisit beloved characters like Grandmother Peeper, with her elixir fixers, and Aunt Noreen, whose tongue is the beast she dares anyone to tame. The Terrible Threesome, all teenage boys, smear honey on a few front doors and hang dead snakes in the trees, but is that so very bad? Paolo Alontti, Grey McKenna, and Peachie Pence mix it up to create a shocking knot of lies, loves, and lessons. Oh, and watch for cameo appearances throughout the series from  Martha Bear, stuffed mascot and spokes-bear for http://www.GraciousJaneMarie.blogspot.com, the author's sunny, silly and even sometimes serious blog.


Early Fernandina Beach By Worldtraveler 

5 out of 5 Stars - Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I love a good historical romance, and since I absolutely adore Amelia Island and specifically Fernandina Beach historic district, this book is spot on for me! I'm almost finished with the 2nd in the trilogy, and can't wait to read more from this author! 

[Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow] "I like how you extensively describe Johnstown [PA] that day, in the hours before the breaking of the dam…[After the flood of 1887], we suspect that morning [of May 31, 1889] was like [this] ...  - Douglas J. Richardson, Park Ranger, Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS, Johnstown Flood NMem, Southfork, PA

5 out of 5 Stars - Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
A definite page turner! I never saw what was coming! I was sad when the saga of the Dunnigan Family ended! I look forward to Sand and Sin by the same author!

I have read your 3 books I recently purchased from you in Fernandina Beach. I enjoyed them... They were interesting, surprising, steamy, descriptive and  good reads. I liked the character development and learning about the area during that era. I wish you continued good fortune with your writing.  - Rick G.
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"I wish you'd develop a splash of patience!"

Ignoring her, Grey brushed past, instantly recognizing he'd interrupted something. His confirmation was her ruddy face and puffy lips. It was a blessed good thing he'd come along when he had. "Patience? I've been freezing outside, waiting for your highness like some lap dog. When you say five o'clock, I damn well expect you to be downstairs waiting for me at five o'clock. I sure don't have to ask what you've been up to. And where is this man who tempts you so much, you're willing to debase yourself at his mere beckoning?"

Carolena looked to the velvet pillows now crushed on the floor. Wadded in the corner was the blue dress. There was little sense denying it. Then again, who was he to tell her what was proper? He'd bedded hundreds of women, she was sure, so he had no room to talk. Remaining calm, lest her feeling of guilt show, she told him, "Signor Alontti is attending to business. He sends his regards."
"Yeah? I'll just bet he does. Come on. Let's get the hell out of this lair before I find your lover and lay him out!"

Whether you are new to the series or you have read The Goodbye Lie and Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow, you will discover the books stand alone. Each is an experience in suspense, treachery and deceit doing fierce battle with family bonds and honor.

 You have to get it and read it to read it and get it! Get what? Get to know the Dunnigans of Amelia Island where roses and romance reign, plus so much more...    

Another Excerpt:
You won't like Carolena Dunnigan, featured
female in Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow. A quick temper, a bossy manner and stubborn ways, you'll quickly understand why I say this as you read her less than charming exchange with Chief Engineer Grey McKenna, set in 1889 on Amelia Island, Florida.
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     “Where have you been?” Carolena shouted. “All I can say is thank you ever so much for leaving me out in the dark and the cold and damp. I may have caught my death for all you care. And have you gotten me a cabin? Or did it slip your mind that my tail, as you so coarsely put it, was even on board? I’ve been everywhere looking for you so I could give you a good-sized piece of my mind.”
    Grey was shocked by Carolena’s shrewish tone, and she was surprised when he lifted her to her toes by her upper arm and rushed her away from the door and into the passageway.
     “Let me go! Just because you wrassle equipment and engines and things on
this ship, gives you no leave to bully me!”
     He released her once they were a distance from any ship’s activity. The smile on his face was gone. “I don’t give a damn if your daddy and
brother-in-law own this ship, missy, I won’t tolerate you talking to me like that.” His head cocked as if at the point of discovery. "Fascinating, if you don’t sound exactly like that Aunt Noreen of yours. Pity the poor fool who finally marries you.” His searing look intensified. “It’s a lucky thing you’re a woman. If you were a man, I’d pound you flat!”

     "How dare you?” she responded. “Handle me  again, and I’ll have your job!” She was upset. She was so mad, she could spit mud. Grey’s eyes narrowed, and what Carolena witnessed in him frightened her. Her temper disappeared, replaced by bewilderment. Was she afraid of him?
     Speaking softly and slowly, “No one, not man nor woman, threatens my job.” He leaned in closely. “You want to run things, do you? Well here, my dear, I give you full dominion of my responsibilities on the Coral Crown,” adding,
“with my compliments.” Grey pulled away. He ripped the golden crossed anchors from the collar
of his uniform, seized her wrist, and slapped them onto her upturned palm. A casual about face and he walked away, leaving her alone in the corridor.
     She stood trembling, unsure of what to do. In all her ups and downs, she’d never before felt faint. At this moment, she was quite certain she was near to it. It was clutching at her, pinching off the breath to her brain. She leaned against the
wall to recover. She straitened her sleeve where he’d twisted it on her arm and righted herself.  In the event anyone witnessed the spectacle, she spoke aloud, “If that insolent oaf wants to quit and leave hundreds of passengers stranded in the event the ship breaks down, then he’s simply showing his true colors. No loyal crewman would abandon his obligations if his feelings got bruised.” How I’ve misjudged him, she thought. He’s neither the kind man nor true friend he
purports himself to be. He’s an animal!
     Calm down, Carolena, she ordered herself. Just put Second Engineer Casey in charge, and that’s that! Then it came to her. Who was she to be
putting anyone in charge? Yes, she knew about the ship, but all she knew was its interior design. Of its basic construction, she understood only that burning coal in the fire room produced steam, which pushed piston-things, and they turned
engines. Her tongue had gotten away from her, and her interference had caused Grey to quit his post.
     Would Casey take over without talking to Grey? She doubted it because the chain of command was inbred in him the same as in any faithful sailor. When he and the captain learned the reason for the resignation, oh God. What if word gets out among the passengers and back in Fernandina? I can only imagine the rumors. And when it gets back to Waite and Bree and Daddy, I’ll be so ashamed, they’ll probably ask me to leave the business, and rightfully so. When I was a
little girl, I remember Daddy telling me respect can only be given. It can’t be demanded.
     What have I done to myself, my family, and the reputation of the Aqua Verde Passenger Line?  Animal or not, I need Grey