April 23, 2019

Why and How of Writing

 Goodbye Lie series

Two questions I'm oft times asked at book signings are:

What made you write books?   
     It is always much fun for me to meet new people, especially those who like historical 
     The quick version to why I write is my husband lost his job (the company downsized) and we moved to Arkansas to open a fine dining restaurant with friends with money. (We were the sweat equity.) I was heartsick over leaving Fernandina.  I thought writing a book would be a great way to remember the town. Well, you're supposed to write what you like to read, i.e., historical romance/suspense. Since I'd already taken docent training at the local Amelia Island Museum of History and Victorian Amelia Island was the perfect setting, I began writing one book,The Goodbye Lie to put in my granddaughter's hope chest, for posterity. It was much fun for me and so involving, I had to find out what happened to the other members of the fictional Dunnigan family. That's why I wrote two more with the forth in the works. Oh, after the first book, we moved back to Amelia Island, and my husband, Bruce Malcolm, became the mayor!  

Where do I begin to become a writer?
     So many people have stories to tell and they want to do so, but don't know how. I can only give them my experience, so I simply say, "Just go ahead and give it a try." Begin with short stories. If they are related, they could turn into chapters in a book.  A whole book can be daunting, so try this way.  Find a good friend you trust enough to read your efforts and ask him or her for suggestions on improving your writing and story-line. If you agree, follow their suggestions. If not, and you think the words are best left as originally written, just keep going. Remember, you have to have a thick skin. Remember, too, not everybody will like your style or subject matter.  If you're extremely lucky and determined,  you may eventually get your story out there for the public to discover. But, the bottom line is: Write for the love of the sport. That's what I do.

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