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by Jane Marie Malcolm

August 19, 2010
Calling all wanna-be studs! Have you overheard your significant other say this? “My man is great, but he would be the whole package if only he were more romantic.&mquot; What do you do? Hang your head in shame or beat your chest to prove your prowess? Do you buy a bottle of wine and grill her a lean piece of meat? Maybe pick up a bouquet of flowers in the grocery store? .
That’s all well and good, big spender. But I, Gracious Jane Marie, author of historic romantic suspense, have discovered the perfect game plan for growing your romantic muscles. It requires only a pair of eyes, a sports magazine and a paperback romance novel to tuck inside it!
Romance novels are the encyclopedia of love. Here you will learn what women want and how to give it to them: a tender word when all seems lost, a nuzzle to comfort a broken heart, perhaps a clever line with which to tease and flirt. So long as she hasn’t read the same book, you’re set.
On the other side of the bed, as it were, if your guy imagines himself too macho to actually go to the store and pick up a romance book or even order one online lest the mail carrier sees a glimpse of the cover through a tear in the wrapper, fear not females. You, lovely lady, will have to be the one to purchase the book. Just think how surprised, okay shocked, he will be when he rips away the football print gift wrap to reveal a man’s glove and a woman’s glove atop a bed of sparkling sand, surrounded by a meandering red ribbon and tropical flowers. (That just happens to be the cover of my novel, The Goodbye Lie.) If you’ve circled the “good parts”, so much the better. Should the story contain a little murder or at least one good bar fight, he’ll be hooked! If he is new to your plan, wink, nod and waggle a bare shoulder his way, saying, “This is the instruction manual to find the key to my heart, honey. Try page 130. It will inspire!” Then, just walk away. Give him a few minutes to decipher your meaning, acclimate to the idea, and read the passages you’ve bookmarked. Meanwhile, as you await the knock on your private chambers, spritz the pillows with a light spray of new-to-him, never before sniffed perfume, just to add to the adventure. After little is said and all is done, he will thank his beautiful and responsive mate and wonder why his father didn’t offer this wisdom to his son.
Jane Marie Malcolm aka Gracious Jane Marie is the author of The Goodbye Lie and Amelia Island’s Velvet Undertow and Amelia Island's Mark of a Man, historic romance on Amelia Island, Florida in the 1880s. Enter her gracious world at , her Amelia Island Southern Fiction blog, to celebrate heart and home with roses, recipes and romance. 

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