June 11, 2019

Our Version of Jack in the Box

     Lucky us at Gracious Jane Marie!  You never know when a dog head will appear, so we like to call this week's version Abs in the Sleeve.  Here we have Abby Lou in the cuff of a sweatshirt sleeve, which is part of a pile of clean laundry needing to be folded.
     P.S. Abby, our spokesdog for this blog, is pulling double duty as Director of Security for our Goodbye Lie historical romance series.  Since the former director, our bird named Bird, is now flying with the angels after 20-plus years on earth, the Abster is our overly zealous protector.  Her big dog mouth filled with incessant barking at the first rustle of a leaf, squeak of a door or gate hinge or the dreaded, on our part, ringing of the doorbell, is enough to drive away bad guys, plus reduce every ones ability to hear.  

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