August 13, 2020

Pure Romance - Bass and Treble Couplers - Plus Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow Excerpt

     My sweet friend, Debbie Mahon, sent me a simple muted-toned photo of roses on a piano.  She said it reminded her of me.  I loved it.  (I don't know where she found it, but I will credit the photographer if I find out.)   Roses and music are the ideal combination for romance.  And since I write The Goodbye Lie series of romance novels, I was, of course, inspired to take my own picture, as seen above.  Pink roses and our antique (working!) pump organ say romance, at least in my book. Sorry, I had to add that cliché. Then I zoomed in on the picture to see if the round labeled white stops you pull out to change the sound while playing are readable.  They are and that's when I realized how the two stops I use most are the bass coupler and treble coupler. They were already pulled out when I took the shot and it came to me that the stops represent the male and female in my stories.  How much fun is it to discover romance in unexpected places?

     The photo below is the original shot I snapped showing the pump organ music "Mosquite Waltz" which is featured as the backdrop on Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow front cover.

by Linda Plumlee Riley.
May it transport you back to 1889 where you can join the Dunnigan family and experience all
shades of their antics ...

From the cover above:
Witnessing the unthinkable, Carolena Dunnigan's secure life on Amelia Island, Florida turns to ashes.  Determined to save her siblings, she fleas to Charleston, South Carolina for work.  Unholy entanglements and revolting revelations drive her to Pennsylvania and the devastating Johnstown Flood of 1889.  It scours away secrets of the past, but will anyone survive this powerful undertow of shock and struggle?
     Excerpt: An earth-shaking roar in the distance drew louder.  And louder still.  The only other sound every man, woman and child in the town could hear was his or her own heart.  Instinctively, each knew the time of their passing had come.
     A living, seething, tumbling mountain of debris headed for them.  It toppled trees, houses, and buildings like so many dominoes.  Friends, animals,  the spring-sprouted blades of grass, all life itself, disappeared into the churn.  Nothing was spared.
Known to her fans as Gracious Jane Marie of, Jane Marie Malcolm celebrates HEART & HOME with roses, recipes and romance.  She is the creator of Martha Bear's world of silly stories for the entire family at and continues work on future novels and shorter delights to entice her diverse legion of readers.  

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