January 3, 2019

Transition Tree

     Several weeks after Christmas last year, I decorated the still live evergreen with pink and white paper hearts and red lights for Valentine’s Day. It was not dropping too many needles, so it worked well.
     This year, I decided to transition between the Christmas and Valentine's Day trimming. I came up with the Winter Tree. Blue snowflakes, ribbon and ice cycles with a white drape representing snow, does the trick. Take note of the wild wolverine on that snow, under the shelter of the tree. Oh, and the angel on top works because angels go with everything.  (If you don't happen to have blue snowflakes, use what you have and cut snowflakes from white paper or light blue paper, for that matter. It's your tree!)
     If the tree is still in good enough shape, Valentine's Day pink hearts are next. I think, however, by St. Patrick's Day, we will probably be able to use it as kindling, but who knows?  

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