April 8, 2016

Gilbert's Underground Kitchen/Brunswick Stew

We recently dined at Gilbert's Underground Kitchen in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida. Kenny Gilbert, owner and chef there, was on Bravo's Top Chef, did well and is now quite famous. 

The first thing that captured my attention on the menu was their Brunswick Stew, as pictured above.  Since Miss Ella's Brunswick Stew is featured at her daughter Breelan's first dinner party in  The Goodbye Lie historical novel I wrote, I naturally had to order it. (Please refer to Miss Ella's recipe below.)  While Gilbert's stew was very flavorful, I kind of doubt he used two squirrels, as did Bree, in the story set in 1882.
Miss Ella's recipe taken from the pages of The Goodbye Lie

Miss Ella

Local chatter says Gilbert's has a great big BBQ sandwich for $5, but I haven't tried it. What I did try was the mac-and-cheese. Because I'm a cheese-aholic, I am qualified to judge and it was yummo! The serving was big enough for two.  But this one time, I'm with Aunt Noreen from my 1882 tale, the less than lovely next door relative to the Dunnigan family.  If she ate at Gilbert's, I can hear her saying, "I ordered the noodles with cheese.  Get your own!"

For info about Gilbert's Underground Kitchen, click on this link:

Aunt Noreen, in The Goodbye Lie series, is a prime example of how one should not act, most of the time. 

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