May 22, 2017

Possible Aunt Noreen Quote

Aunt Noreen
See if you agree that Aunt Noreen, less than lovely neighbor to the Dunnigan family on Amelia Island, Florida in the late 1800s, and a major player in The Goodbye Lie series, might have said the anonymous quote below. Let me set the scene:  

Think back to 1882. You are on Amelia Island.  Relax as you imagine the soft sea breeze blowing off the water onto the shore.  Ladylike, you are sitting on a blanket as the sun begins its descent into the cool waiting ocean.  Your mother would not approve of the novel you are reading. She thinks it is a book of poetry.  You are glad she is a few yards down the beach, sharing the shade tent with her sister-in-law, old troublesome Aunt Noreen.  You are also glad you are not in that same tent, enduring the chatter of said aunt.  As the sea rolls, the gulls are calling. You are lulled to near sleeping until your mind snaps to attention, jarred as it is by Aunt's gruff blurting.  
   "I do not repeat gossip,
so pay attention the first time."

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