May 26, 2017

Memorial Day, They Are Not Forgotten

Slow down.  And I mean you ... and me, too. Why should we?  Memorial Day is a holiday!  We don't have to work.  It makes for a long weekend and we love it!  Sure, everybody hangs an American flag on the front of the house or raises the flag on the pole in the front yard to show patriotism. I think it's wonderful because I do the same thing. 

It's the meaning behind Memorial Day that we, and I'm including myself, don't stop and honor enough. Preach, preach, preach.  We've all heard it before. We should remember those who gave their lives for our country. Easy words to say, but not always practiced.  This is big kid, serious stuff and it is important for us to teach the meaning behind the holiday to our children and grandchildren. 

Those saints in Heaven, waiting for us, and they are, indeed, saints,  ask nothing of us, but I believe we can do so much better than nothing for them.  So let's turn off the TV, the phone and the mindless music, find a quiet place in the midst of our chaos and offer recognition and gratitude to those men and women who, over generations, have cared enough about the United States of America to die so we might have these long holiday weekends. When the saints glance down upon us, I'm thinking their smiles will broaden as they see our heads bowed in sincere thanksgiving for their gift of freedom to us. 

(photo of Spanish American War graves taken at Bosque Bello Cemetery, Fernandina Beach, Florida)

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