March 31, 2011

The Sheik, a period piece

I recently read The Sheik by E. M. Hull. Until I did a little research, I thought the author was a man simply because of the initials. No. A woman, Edith Maude Hull, wrote this novel that took the world by storm or rather by sheik in 1921. Published in February of that year, it had 20 printings by August and a silent film of the same name came out in November. All this in ten months! Rudolph Valentino starred as the wild eyed master of women, one in particular, Diana Mayo. His kidnapping her and total domination over her, eventually turned to love for them both. These days, 90 years later, our modern sensibilities would be outraged at such a plot. However, remembering the year is that of the beginning of those infamous Roaring Twenties, gives clear insight into what made women and men tick, romantically speaking back then.

296 pages, hardback, no pictures, a single paragraph takes a page and a half on several occasions - the story is sexy without any sex. A kiss, a heavy look, and the angst, oh, the angst, but romantic it is as the girl with the boyish frame and the man with the physical strength achieved by breaking wild horses, and women, unite and ultimately marry.

With lines like "a mesmerism she could not resist", "flung a word of savage command" and "her only recourse lay in the bravado that alone kept her from collapse", The Sheik was a page-turner for me. They don't write 'um like that any more or do they? The person who loaned me her Sheik, told me Hull's style of romantic writing reminded her of my style in my Goodbye Lie and Velvet Undertow novels.  I never expected to hear such a thing but that could explain why I so appreciate the writing style of The Sheik because I studied it like a text book. Good fun.

March 26, 2011

I Did It Again

Yes.  I first did it some 20 years ago.  It was about 4 pm on a Saturday and I was packing up the last of the garage sale stuff that hadn't sold. I looked up too see my kind neighbor, sign in hand, delivering one to me which she had picked up on the corner. "Here. Thought I'd save you a trip." 

"Thanks," said  I.

"Did you take a good look at what you wrote on your sign?"

Apparently, I hadn't, being dark-30 outside when we put the signs out very early that morning. Well, by jingo, there is was, in plain black magic marker.

Over the years, I have caught myself doing it off and on.  Then today, I painted flowers and a greeting on the timber corralling our front flower bed.  As I stepped back to take a look at the completed timber, this is what I found I had done:

 Instead of saying Welcome, I painted Welcolm which comes very close to the spelling of my last name, Malcolm.  So, since I don't seem to be able to beat this occurrence, I will promote it. 

WELCOLM ALL will be my new mantra!

March 24, 2011


There is no one in the room but me. A flickering scented candle, a lighted treasure tree (more on that another day), multi-colored twinkle lights across the mantle, one antique lamp burning in the corner, this all blankets the parlor with a soft sheen of calm. I listen. No TV blasting, no loud radio, no music, no voices.  I am alone with my ever-spinning thoughts. I am unaware that the top of the hour is upon me. When it arrives, it will not be deterred until its count is complete. Right now, the time is eleven p.m. For so long, the intruder has been primed. He will not be stilled  And so that rich, deep, resonating tone continues its full count. Slow, even, unrelenting, the bongs of the antique grandfather clock win the day- No, win the night. My silence is no more.

Focus shattered, I concentrate anew on what sounds seemingly have increased in volume when I know they have not in reality. There is no need to take my eyes from my monitor for I hear the tick-tock of the ancient giant in my room and know his customary dance too well; he never rests. Yet there are more sounds that join him in his march. One of which is the small round French rose clock on the wall over the fireplace. It, too, has turned up its volume or have I turned up my listening to hear her sweeter voice?

Then I let my thoughts wander from room to room. I may not always listen, but they are always there, running. Always running.There is a clock on the table by the dining room, a pretty flowery thing I fell in love with once upon a vacation somewhere, the Irish Waterford clock my father and brother gave me with its pink roses adorning another mantle. Still wandering, I mentally enter the kitchen, the Tutti-Fruitti clock with broken hands, now replaced and functioning, is on the wall.  The microwave, the stove - two more clocks. These computer clocks light the room at night when a drink of water is needed but no brightness can be endured. The radio that accompanies our culinary creationing is wired for time, too.

The office has one. The guest room has the alarm plus a traveling clock moved from room to room by another in our manor. (No questions, please, for I have no answers here.)  The master bedroom. Hmm. One alarm, one on the recorder. Perhaps that's all.  No it is not.  There are watches in jewelry boxes, spent. Batteries needed, they wait for renewed life.  That, in the master bath, glows in the dark.

Cell phones tell the time. His working watch, my working watch... Please, no more. Have I mentioned all these clocks read differently? I could correct their hands of time, so they ticked in unison, but no.  For if I did, I would have no excuse for ever being late again.

March 16, 2011

Be Irish!

a special Irish bell from Aunt Emily

"It's not a sin not to be Irish, but it is a great shame." Sean O'Huiginn 

This is just one of the Irish bits of fun at our website, Find Irish recipes, learn all about the shamrock plant and the claddagh, etc. 

Enjoy and Be Irish!

March 13, 2011

New Friends

This greeting card I made reminds me how we
may come from all over the world, but we meet
near the crystal blue waters
 surrounding Amelia Island, Florida and
our Goodbye Lie World. 
No pics this time of my new friends I met at today's book signing, but I wanted to say hi to those whose names I remember. Hello Minnie, Jason, Diane, Linda, Mary Jane, Kathy, Pat, Linda, Joie, Lea and Annie. I forgot lots of names but as you get to know me, know I am the founding member of the 3 Second Memory Club. No rules, no meetings, and no dues. And every time I meet you, I'll ask if you want to join the club. If you say, "You already asked me," then sorry. You're over qualified because you remembered. Names aside, thank you to everyone and welcome to our Goodbye Lie World where Love, Lace and Laughter Reign!

March 12, 2011

Family Beading Expert

spokesbear & star of her own teddy bear short stories,
 Martha Bear®, of,
shown modeling beads, beads and more beads
 "Oklahoma City, OK – March 18-20, 2011 - The International Gem & Jewelry Show at the Oklahoma State Fair provides an exciting opportunity to shop the best selection of jewelry at the lowest prices available. From $5.00 to $500,000 – there is something for everyone!

The show features one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, exotic gems, beads, pearls, exquisite fine jewelry, estate collections and much more. People of all ages will find deep discounts and an amazing variety of beautiful jewelry to compliment this winter’s fashions. We offer convenience, selection and value, all in one place.

by Beading Expert Nancy Kamp
 (that's Jane Marie's sister!!!)
Learn from the Best!!
 Class Schedule:

Bead Stringing: Friday - 1:00, Saturday - 11:00, Sunday - 12:00
Earrings: Friday - 4:00, Saturday - 12:30 and 3:30, Sunday - 1:30
Rings: Friday - 2:30, Saturday - 2:00, Sunday - 3:00

*Classes are free with the purchase of a materials kit."

For more info, see Nancy's Beading Diary, , scroll down to entry of March 11, 2011.