June 22, 2013

mini TV interview

Last Saturday, I was doing a book signing at Books Plus on Centre Street, downtown  on our beautiful Amelia Island.  Fellow writer, Chuck Barrett, author of Breach of Power, was also signing his novels. That's when I spied a News 4 Jax (Jacksonville) TV reporter and she spied us. She was doing a piece on the first day of summer, June 21, and taping segments around the island for it. And so we were interviewed. While that interview lasted all of two minutes, only 16 seconds made it past the final edit.

When it aired, I snapped a photo from the television and for some electronic reason I don't care to investigate at this time, the quality of the picture isn't good, but you get the idea. While my words were less than eloquent, I mentioned "island paradise" three times, these interviews are good practice for my acceptance speech when I'm awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Chuck Barrett and JMM interviewed