July 14, 2013

Grammy Camp - a fairy house

What is Grammy Camp?  A sharing, crafting, playing, creating gathering of grandmother and grandchild. In this case, Ava and me and what a time we've had.  One of the extra fun projects  we did was to make a fairy house!  And it cost nothing because all the supplies came from my craft stash closet.

This is what we used:

-1 large shoe box
-purple and pink spray paint for outside
-flower and leaf foam stickers for around the outside entrance hole
-green felt for lining the inside bottom
-silk flowers
-small basket with scrap ribbon of all kinds and pearls and beads spilling out
-hairspray cap filled with batting, covered with pink felt, decorated with gold marker and topped with a small paper umbrella for the fairy throne
-foil for the pond with blue marker swirls
-cork for log by the pond used for fairy sitting
-glass pebbles for stepping stones from entrance leading to throne
-black marker, blue glass pebble and googly eyes for spider glued to inside
-small clear box with gold, silver and blue glitter for fairy dust which we sprinkled over the inside of the entire house
-misc. sequins and decorations
-glue gun

outside randomly sprayed with pink and purple paint, ribbon added for shady corner
hidden entrance on the end

left is basket with beads and ribbons, right is fairy throne

 scattered silk flowers, foil pond with sea shell stickers, glass pebbles for path
 spider with mismatched googly eyes, over box of fairy dust
After we took these pictures, we found a cat's whisker (we call them whickers) and placed it atop the throne for good luck.  We also found half a shell from a hatched birdie and added that.  Who knows what the fairies will use it for--maybe a punch bowl or perhaps a basin to wash their stockings.  We'll just have to wait and watch... and keep adding treasures for the fairies as they appear.