July 20, 2013

Lucy Reception

I listen to the radio or attempt to when I'm bustling about the house and, for some electronic reason, the reception is often poor.  Yes, of course, I've tried balancing on three toes of my right foot with my left thumb in a semi-vertical position while I plug my right ear with a purple pencil eraser shaped like a gopher turtle for the count of 8.2 seconds.  That didn't help much.  Through trial and error, I finally discovered the best place for pretty good reception is to put the radio not beside the desk, not on top of the desk, but inside the desk. And not just anywhere in the desk. It won't work in the first, second, or third drawers on the right side.  No, the sweet spot is in the top drawer on the left side.  And you know how I control the volume? It's so simple. To turn it up, I pull the drawer open. To turn the sound down, I just push the drawer closed. Quite brilliant, don't you agree?  I think Lucy (Lucille Ball/I Love Lucy) would.

The best reception is in the desk drawer.

volume control set to low