November 21, 2018

A Simple Passage

 East Nassau Ministerial Alliance (north Florida)
 Annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Community Service
  November 15, 2018 

     The annual Thanksgiving service is always one of my favorites because congregants and their ministers come together from all over the county to show their appreciation for what God has given them. I was privileged to play with the handbells and Bruce and I both sang with the choir.  This above image was on the cover of the bulletin.  The bible verse is simple in verbiage, yet very powerful in meaning. I cut it out and added a splash of autumn color to share with you all.  
     No matter our circumstance, each of is blessed beyond measure when we stop to think about it. We can count those blessings at any moment of the day, then start all over. 
     Gotta go.  I just thought of another blessing! 


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