May 30, 2010

God Bless Our Military

Thank you to our military for serving and saving. God bless you and your families. We all await your safe return. -Jane Marie Malcolm,

May 27, 2010



HAVE YOU HEARD? Each female character in my novel, The Goodbye Lie, has her own necklace created to match her personality! See for yourself at!

My wonderful sister and partner, Nancy Kamp , has fashioned unique pieces for you to wear to continue The Goodbye Lie experience while, during, and after you've read and reread the series. As you patiently wait for the next Goodbye Lie installment, treat yourself.
Plus, Nancy has also created necklaces to represent famous women in history. Included are biographies and other books featuring ladies of the past. You can learn about their lives as you adorn yourself with the jewelry Nancy envisions they would wear. What a fashionable and interesting concept!

Women of The Goodbye Lie -

Breelan Dunnigan is young and desperately in love. Recapture her passion each time you wear her favorite jewelry. Goodbye Lie N103
Innocent Beauty
43 cm / 17 inches of cultured potato (shaped) white pearls and sparkling clear crystal beads with a 7/8 inch carved rock crystal bead in the center.
Designer sterling silver heart-shaped clasp

Breelan prefers our Queen Désirée, Queen Margaret and Trotula Collections.

Nora Duffy is merry and loyal and bright. Goodbye Lie N203
Fresh Charm
42 cm / 16 1/2 inches of cultured large potato (shaped) pearls dyed to a lovely orangey beige with sparkling amber glass beads.
Designer sterling silver heart-shaped clasp

Nora's jewelry choice falls on our Queen Boudicca, Epona and Inanna Collections.

Carolena Dunnigan is a serious student. But could there be an inner temptress yearning for life and love hiding somewhere? Goodbye Lie N303
Island Sunset
43.5 cm / 17 inches of cultured potato (shaped) pearls dyed pink with tiny glass seed beads and three hand cut rose quartz beads for drama.
Designer sterling silver clasp - one of a kind necklace

Perhaps we'll find a clue to Carolena's intriguing personality in the Jewelry Collections Carolena enjoys modeling for us: Cleopatra, Czarina Marina and Queen Semiramis.

Miss Ella Dunnigan is a Victorian lady who lives for family and always manages to keep her sometimes moody husband happy. Goodbye Lie N504
Gentle Love
39.5 cm / 15 1/2 inch triple strand choker of peridot, small roundish potato cultured pearls dyed to a peridot green, and fire polished crystal beads.
Designer sterling silver heart-shaped clasp

Miss Ella sparkles in our Lakshmi Collection, but for quieter moments, she enjoys our Empress Pulcheria jewelry.

Aunt Coe Fries is a happy combination of stability and love. She is always there for her family, but she has never forgotten her happy and romantic youth. Aunt Coe indulges her yearnings for far away places with our Tatiana and Candace Collections.

Leona Visper is sexy and elegant. She revels in our Empress Anna Collection, but sometimes Nzingha's mystery suits her mood.
Grammy and Peeper still enjoy a bit of flirtation, and they love beautiful things.
Grammy favors Queen Liliuokalani while Peeper thinks our Betsy Bonaparte Collection is just the thing.

Aunt Noreen Duffy may not be the most popular member of the family, but no one can deny her excellent taste. She adores our Trung Trac and Queen Christina Collections, and is certain our Aphrodite Collection was designed just for her!

"Shop on by" to see us and our handcrafted treasures at Treat yourself and/or someone you love who loves grace and romance and being a girl ...

Got questions?

-about Nancy's necklaces- contact Nancy at

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See you all soon ...

Jane Marie

May 18, 2010

The Goodbye Lie - Amelia Island THEN ...

The Goodbye Lie

a novel of suspense, romance & the unexpected

Meet the Dunnigan Family plus read a Synopsis
The Dunnigans:

As you enter the lovely Victorian seaside town of Fernandina on the island called Amelia in the year 1882, you will likely run into one of the Dunnigan clan and/or their circle. Patriarch and architect Michael might be deliberating in his home office at Dunnigan Manor over designs before presenting them to a wealthy client. His wife, Miss Ella, may well be in her kitchen, adding a bit more paprika to her Angel Eggs recipe It must be perfect you know, for she does, albeit graciously, boast a fair number of blue ribbons for her culinary efforts. 18-years-old Breelan often rides Noir to an isolated spot on Amelia Beach where she writes short stories in secret hoping to mustering courage enough to show them to her newspaper editor to critique. Nora, Breelan's cousin and best friend, is frantic, yet again, as she searches for Breelan. Why? Because Nora simply must share that the son of the traveling notions merchant winked at her! Carolena Dunnigan, the oldest Dunnigan sibling, is probably plotting how to get even with Breelan for using her jade earbobs without asking. Young Jack Patrick and his little sister, Marie, are likely chasing the chickens while Blackie-White-Spots is barking non-stop at the scene. His tail wagging with the speed of a hummingbird's wing, he catches his playful nemesis, Monstie, the marmalade kitty, flash by on his way to a hidey-hole under the porch. Grammy and adopted second grandmother, Peeper, are pot walloping the kettles to a bright fare-thee-well until nasty Aunt Noreen comes bursting through the slamming screen door, hollering. What is the crisis this time? Peeper's elixir-fixer starch potion left purple spots all over the blue nightshirt she got her husband his last birthday. Peeper is sure to giggle that sarcastic giggle of hers as she reminds Noreen, if she had any sense in that peahead of hers, she should have tested the elixir on the inside hem. Town nosey-poke, Mrs. Ickles, is on her way to Dunnigan Manor, intent on tattling on Jack Patrick for his part in mining the sparkling granite stones from the front columns of the vacant house o South 3rd Street. It's all just another day of high collars, parasols, and pocket watches in the lively little town called Fernandina on the pretty little island called Amelia until ...


Carefree Florida miss Breelan Dunnigan is literally swept away by a tornado and a stranger, who steps into her home and into her soul. A novice reporter for the Florida Mirror, she makes a short escape to New York City seeking excitement. Flights of foolishness turn her life wrong-side-out upon returning to Amelia Island. Trouble from the North follows her home where strong family bonds and honor are pitted against ingenuous liaisons, treachery, deceit and something much much worse. Clever twists of plot, rich characters, late Victorian conventions and subtle humor flavor up the mix of stunning surprises as it was on Amelia then …

From Amelia Beach to Victorian Centre Street, to the Amelia River marina, Florida House - a tourist hotel, Fort Clinch, St. Michael’s Catholic Church, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Old Fernandina and Clark Creek, today called Old Town and Egan’s Creek respectively, the reader is transported back 128 years. We welcome you to the saga that is The Goodbye Lie series, where Little House on the Praire meets Gone With The Wind!

For more information about The Goodbye Lie series, articles, recipes, jewelry, t-shirts and Goodbye Lie Keepsake Collection, please visit our 800+ page website,

May 9, 2010

A Mother's Day Teddy Tale

Jane Marie's own dear friends,

And Then There Were More is one of Jane Marie's silly teddy stories featuring me, Martha Bear, and that rascally teddy we all think we know but still love, Teddy O.

Click here to read it every Mother's Day or ANY day. Why? Because it's a better thing!

Bear Hugs to all,

Martha Bear

PS Do become a Jane Marie follower of this blog so you won't miss a moment of fun adventures, recipes, novel news, etc. The stories never end in Jane Marie's world!

May 8, 2010

Perfect Imperfection

My own treasured friends,

My gift on Mother's Day from my granddaughter. A true treasure.

Happy Mother's Day to you all.


Jane Marie

May 2, 2010

The Goodbye Lie - an excerpt

1882, Fernandina, Florida - "But hell, she's too young for me. I've tried hard, real hard, to convince myself she was too inexperienced for a reckless sea dog. Too innocent. That I'd hurt her, be too rough with her body and her mind. Didn't you find it strange that I had business in Savannah every trip south these last weeks? That I asked you to take command of the Gentle Comfort on her runs to and from Fernandina? You picked me up on the return north and never said a word. You must've suspected something, Fish."

"I guessed you'd tell me when you was good and ready. I didn't want to push none."

Waite kept on. "Just to be in her town was an ordeal, but I had to take control. I had to face things. When we arrived yesterday in Fernandina, all my resolve left me. That's why I stayed aboard. I wasn't just reading those old books. The truth is I was studying, investigating where she comes from, trying to get closer to her somehow. The more knowledge I acquired about her background, the worse I wanted her. So I purposely started drinking last night until I passed out. With enough liquor in me, I knew she'd be safe from the wild man who wanted to pound on her door in the middle of the night and take her for himself.

"This morning, with damn near the worst hangover I've ever had as a reminder of my determination, I was prepared to be strong and leave town without ever attempting to see her. I was counting the minutes until we pulled out, until I escaped Amelia Island. You can't know how shocked I was when she arrived at the foot of the dock, her father handing her over to me! It was her uncle, Clabe Duffy, who corresponded with me. I didn't know the name. I swear to God, I had no earthly idea she was one of the girls I was to watch over. Now she's here, aboard my ship, and so is temptation. I don't know what to do."

Waite turned his back and peered out at the water. Catfish could plainly see his captain was drained. "What I have to say might not be too comfortin' at first, but hear me out, would ya? Yes, this gal is young. Yes, she's probably inexperienced. Fact is, you'd best face it. One day, someone will come along and change all that."
The thought of another man touching Breelan made the muscles cramp in his forearms as Waite clenched his fists to stone.

"Then why in God's good name shouldn't it be you? Don't knock yourself, boy. When the time is right, you'll know how to handle this girl, how to treat her with respect and ..." Catfish turned the color of blood from embarrassment, the only time in his long life, "And bring her to maturity. You're the best and most honorable man I know."

When the time is right - Waite had said that very thing to Breelan the first night they'd met. "Thank you for the kind words, old friend. But suppose she wants no part of me. So far she hasn't been what you'd call receptive, let alone interested in me."

"The only way you'll find out is to test the waters." He chuckled at his seaman's pun. "I have a feelin' those hateful looks she was throwin' ya could be turned to sugar if ya just give it a chance. I say talk to her soon. I don't know if the crew is up to much more of your moonin' around. You're mean with longin' for her, Waite. 'Sides, we all have eyes, and she's might near the fairest lookin' maiden we've seen in a long while. There's bound to be a pack of beaus houndin' her at every turn. Remember, he who hesitates, gets run over."

Waite weighed the older man's comments carefully. Those comments were welcome because it was exactly what Waite wanted to hear. He'd needed permission somehow. Or was it assurance that he was doing no wrong? Whatever in hell it was, he'd soon find the right time to tell Miss Breelan Dunnigan of his serious attraction - before he was aced out by some other lucky bastard.

The Goodbye Lie - "where Little House on the Prairie meets Gone With The Wind..."

May 1, 2010

GA Bulldog

After my husband, Bruce, helped judge the Best Dressed Pirate Contest, adult and children, today, at our annual Shrimp Festival, we were invited aboard the Georgia Bulldog, the University of Georgia's research ship for the fishing and shrimping industry. If that's not enough, they were serving a Low Country Boil comprised of shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn, and onions, cooked and served in an old bathtub aboard ship. For a city girl from Erie, Pennsylvania, what an experience!

Photos: Left - Jane Marie at the stern near the anchor. Right- Jane Marie with nets near the bow. Bottom- Bruce about to down a shrimp. Yummo!


Jane Marie

PS Note my sweatshirt. It says: Careful or you'll end up in my novel. It was a gift from my brother, Bob, and I love it. It always generates lots of questions from folks. Naturally, I supply the answers with my accompanying business card featuring my Goodbye Lie cover. Thanks, Bob!