January 16, 2012

Move Over MacGyver

My phone died today and I fixed it! I admit, it took me a full three minutes to figure out how to get the back off without cracking the plastic case.  A paper clip and nail file helped in that effort. Hmm. The square thing, I guessed, was the battery.  I lifted that off and, by jingo, it was a battery, or so I thought.  I did take note that writing was on the underside of the battery- so I could put it back in the right way after I performed surgery on the corroded, now partly green, three springy metal prongie thingies. A tissue, the letter opener, a pencil eraser and a little spit, cleaned those prongs.  I put the battery back in, snapped the case closed- well, that took another two and a half minutes- and I tried the phone.  It worked,--for about ten seconds then cut off.  I opened it again, made sure all was right side up and turned the phone on again.  Hmm.  It turned back off in short order.  With my letter opener, I pressed up from the bottom edge of the battery, holding it tight against those gold prongie thingies. The back still off, I turned on the phone and it stayed on. What could I use to keep the battery tight against those contacts? Why two thicknesses of envelope, of course.  Slipping/jamming the paper between the case and the bottom of the battery, I was successful in stabilizing said battery in the perfect position to power the phone. After all this practice, I handily snapped the back casing on in a record two minutes time, dialed my husband, Bruce, and proclaimed my victory! Perhaps this fix will last a few minutes or a few hours.  All I know is that any day I don't have to go shopping for a new phone is a great day!  

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