March 18, 2012

Shape Note Sing on St. Patrick's Day

Try as I might, I often have techno operator errors.  Yesterday was one of those times.  I cleverly had a blog post ready and scheduled to go online automatically for St. Patrick's Day because I knew we would be in Hoboken, Georgia at the annual Sacred Harp/Shape Note Sing and not near a computer. Apparently, it never went up because, although I had the time and date correct for auto posting, I had it in draft mood instead of post mode--or something like that.  Bottom line- Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day.

However, March 17th was a special day for us because we attended the Shape Note Sing.  My husband, Bruce, discovered it and each year we try and attend. I have written before about the beauty of this primitive form of four part a capella harmony.  Click here to read my article.:

VisitYou Tube and see the two part video about David Lee, the leader and champion of this grand and gracious sacred music at  A big thank you to  Water Tower films and their You Tube videos, which put you right there in Hoboken with us!

David Lee leading a hymn inside the "hollow square."
Note the hands of several singers keeping time with an up/down, left/right repeated pattern.

Our Sacred Harp Song book-There is revised edition available. 

Note the circles, triangles, squares and diamond shaped notes

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