October 20, 2014

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My own treasured friends,

These are the things that clog my mind:

As I sit here contemplating the glycemic index of beetroot and kidney beans, it came to me that I had just emailed my daughter telling her to buy fertilizer for her roses with a high number in the middle. I’m talking about the three numbers on the front of fertilizer bags that indicate the strength of the root, flower and leaf boosting power of the product. Then I thought of just how many numbers are involved in our lives. We have numbers for:

Driver’s license
Tag number
Social Security
Credit cards
Bank statements
Check writing
Prices of food, clothing
Mortgage/rent payment
Phone numbers- cell, landline home, work
Regular priced items
Sale items
Temperature, indoors and outdoors
Chill factor
Heat index
Smog level
Percentage chance of rain
Height of the seas
Above sea level
TV stations
Radio stations
Speed limits
Sales Tax
Eye Sight
Blood pressure
Body temperature
Body mass
Tire pressure
Air pressure
Fat content
Zip code
Fractions of cups for recipes
Electricity- 110 or 220
Water temperature for bathing, swimming, clothes washing
PH factor
Physical Weight
Clocks, watches, timers
Word count for term paper, thesis, short story or novel
Number of stanzas in a poem
Number of verses in a song
Number of stars on the USA flag
Number of states in the USA
Rosary bead count
Cost per ounce of food on package
Postal charge per weight
Number of guests at a party/reception
Hotel room number
Depth of water in pool
Inches of rain
Counting music
Counting dance steps
Time of a show or movie
Bus, train, airplane schedule
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, algebra, Calculus
House numbers
Street numbers
Zip codes
Shoe, dress, pants and shirt sizes
Ring, hat, glove sizes
Bust, bra, waist, hip, inseam
Envelope sizes- #10, etc.
Records- old fashioned 45 or 33 for the old timers out there
TV channels
Radio stations
Hymn numbers in the hymnal
How many members on a team for the different sports
Winning/record times or points in sports
Number of presidents in the USA
Number of senators/congressmen
Feet in a mile, inches in a foot, etc.
Cups in a pint, quart, gallon
Ounces in a cup, pint, quart, gallon
Keys on a piano
Days in a month, hours in a day, minutes in an hour, seconds in a minute
Current stamp price
Stock market
401K ups and downs
Price of a gallon of gas
Mileage on a tank of gas
Pages and chapters in a book
Mileage to and from somewhere
Frequent flier miles
Miles per gallon of gas
Cell minutes
Library book due date
Baby’s birth weight and length
Child’s height and weight
Child’s grade in school
Child’s report card/percentile ranking in school
ETC, ETC, ETC (Thank you The King and I)
And I don't do numbers, I do words!

PS  If I repeated any above, it's a test and you passed!

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