July 27, 2015

Grammy Camp

If you've wondered where I've been this past week since my last blog, I've been to Grammy Camp!

For those who don't know, Grammy Camp is here on Amelia Island.  I'm Grammy and our granddaughter, Ava, is the camper who attends annually.  And do we ever have fun!

This year we composed and performed the Grammy Camp Cheese Song, to the best of our ability, always to the best of our ability, made a braided rug from tee-shirt scrapes, attended a Spaghetti Western dinner theater show, ate wienies at Ava's favorite ice cream shop, DeNucci's, swam at the beach, swam in the Rec Center pool, made jewelry, baked coffee cake and chocolate pudding cake, attended a magic show and starred in the finale, took Abby, the singing Chihuahua to the vet for her annual shots, ate the best, Ms. Carolyn's, and the worst breakfast out, ate at the DooWop Diner, played Island Adventure miniature golf, bought two new swim suits, visited the library twice, played cards and checkers on our handmade board, crafted-- We were so busy, Ava wrote a check list of activities to keep us straight. We completed only 75% of them because we just ran out of time.  We can add what we missed to next year's list.

So stay tuned.  I'll be blogging a few of our most creative projects here soon.  And remember, the secret watchword for this year's camp is CHEESE!

July 13, 2015

Oops, I Did It Again- Another Lucy Moment

finger glued to easel repair, note sheds of toilet tissue also stuck
Oops!...I Did It Again.  Yes, this is a Britney Spears' song. If I might borrow that phrase, I think it could become my motto, second only to No Space Unfilled.

This time, it was the glue in a tube that bonds almost instantly and definitely permanently, in most cases.  I used it just the other day to glue the heel back on a pair of flats I like.  Hey, the top part of the shoe you polish was still in great shape, so why not?  Hmm.  I just realized I didn't have my glasses on when I declared the shoes to be in great shape and unscuffed.  Perhaps I need to reexamine, this time with four eyes, as they cruelly used to say. Anyway, I was quite proud of myself for not getting glue anywhere except where it was supposed to be.  Again, no glasses.  I'd better check that out, too.  The best part is that, so far, the glue is holding on the heel.

Now, to today's misfortune.  As we used to say to our kids, "So long as there's no blood or bone, tough it out."  I confess, there was no blood or bone, making this less than an accident and more of a bother.  This time, I was trying to glue the easel to a pretty frame where it had pulled out of the back.   The reason I like this perfect frame is it holds a darling picture of our Ava dressed as a princess.  With flowers all around her sweet face, it makes for a darling combination.

I am aware fingers and instant glue do  not go well together.  Correction. They actually do if you want to carry your granddaughter's framed photograph with you everywhere you go.  While, I am not adverse to that, it was a bit of an inconvenience when I glued my first finger to the metal easel as I was applying pressure to make certain there was good contact.  Was there ever.  Additionally, the lucky digit was on my left hand.  Since I'm left handed and eat, brush my hair and teeth and type with that particular hand, it made for scribbles, starvation, a rat's nest on my head and, of course, no imparting of tales of any kind to you good people reading this.

So there I was, dampening toilet paper with nail polish remover.  I thought I had heard of this working somewhere, long ago.  The life of wet toilet paper is short lived.  All I manged to do was leave scraps of the stuff caught on the metal easel part.  Then I Googled it.  They suggested nail polish remover and/or using a knife to peel away the flesh.  I think it was meant in the kindest and safest way, but it didn't appeal to me.  Back to the nail polish.  This time, I used a q-tip or tried to. You see, to make sure I got complete saturation of the cotton nub, I dipped it far down into the half full alcohol bottle.  Then I dropped it all the way in, by accident. Remember, I'm doing all this with my right, sometimes less than completely co-ordinated hand.  So where is hubby Bruce, you might ask.  He's grocery shopping.  Thank goodness.  He is sometimes less than helpful in situations like this. It has always been my policy to tell the tale after the fact because one can shade it to one's benefit. (wink, wink) 

Before I returned to the master bathroom for more q-tips, accompanied by constant companion, the frame, I decided to take a photograph so you will believe that these things certainly do happen to me.  My smart phone is so smart, I tell it to shoot, and it does!  Of course, the timber of my voice must be in the tone and with the accent it accepts.  I found myself having to shout, "Shoot, shoot, shoot!!!", so often, I expected the swat team to break through the windows at any moment.

On the second try, I dabbed, I rubbed, I finally saturated the glue sufficiently to free my finger!  Hey, Edward Scissor-Hands. Look me up.  Perhaps I can help you out.

July 9, 2015

Easy Anniversary Idea - Goodbye Lie Diaries by Peeper and Aunt Noreen

Present day:
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida

Jane Marie writes: 
I don't know where or when I first saw this, but I do know it was many years ago.  I thought it was cute and easy and sweet,  being a living thing, like love, so I finally gave one to Bruce for our last anniversary.  Just go to any store that has cactus plants and purchase one. Make a sign which says I'm Stuck on You and tape it on the flower pot for an inexpensive yet meaningful gift!  I offer a big thank you to the person who came up with the idea.
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Grandmother Peeper writes:
That is a perty plant ya give there, Jane Marie. I know somebody ta give one a them pokie things to, 'ceptin' my sign would say I'm Stuck With Ya since she's Michael's sister and livin' next door. Short a her aeatin' her own food and dyin', she'll be with us a long lifetime  Ya know it's that old Aunt Noreen I'm atalkin' about. 


Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Aunt Noreen writes:
Jane Marie, I have read some of the unflattering things you let Peeper write about me and, quite
Aunt Noreen
frankly, it is not right.  Yes, I know you said if I write, you will add it to this column of yours. I think it less than seemly that I must constantly defend myself against the insults spewed directly at me from Peeper.  With each day's passing, I believe she is falling deeper and deeper into insanity.  As for the cactus comment directed at me, well, with her nasty personality, I just may begin addressing her as Prickly Peeper.  She will not like that any.  Oh, yes.  That is a fine idea.  Perhaps I might get the entire town to call her that.  My, my but vengeance tastes sweet as half a cherry pie with a triple dollop of sweet whipped cream.  It's a lovely day. 

Peeper and Aunt Noreen are favorite featured characters in Amelia Island's Goodbye Lie series, set on Amelia Island, Florida in the 1880s.    

 P.S. from Jane Marie to Peeper and Aunt Noreen: 
      Ladies, although you both are behaving less than that name implies, I am beyond tempted to limit your posts to recipes and gardening if you can't be sweet.  Consider this fair warning...

July 5, 2015

Hail from the Chief - Sailor Image

Aboard USS Chicago, 1900
Retired Chief Bob Harkins sent in this image of a sailor from 1900.  Pat Dunnigan, the hero in my Amelia Island's Mark of a Man historical novel set in 1898, served in the United States Navy during the Spanish American War and his uniform would have looked very similar this man's.  Bob found this picture on the US Navy Veteran's Facebook page. 

Thank you, Chief.   -jmm


 Excerpt from Amelia Island's Mark of a Man:
    Pat heard a door slam, lifted his gaze and looked around to realize he was in an alley between a bank and a barbershop. Snow covered the ground and the pile of bricks off to one side. The white crystals didn't glisten. Instead, they displayed a dull, gray sheen. The man before him wasn't his father but had transformed somehow into a sailor wearing a Navy uniform, the same as Pat now wore. This man was Eli Martin, one of his crewmates. Pat didn't care for the man, never had. No, it was more than that. Pat couldn’t stand him. The loud and boastful thug was powerful, standing two heads taller than most men. Pat looked around for Stewie and Riccardie.  Everyone had vanished except Eli, who swayed from liquor...

Purchase Amelia Island's Mark of a Man here  -Available in e-book and paperback at book sources everywhere

July 2, 2015

Happy 4th!

God, the author of all rights and liberties - American Legion Chaplain Handbook, Service to God and Country

Built in 1895 and on the National Register of Historic Places,
 this is the front porch of Bailey House
 in Fernandina Beach, on Amelia Island, FL.  It is listed for sale at $1,700,000, is 8,675 sq. ft,  and has 11 bedrooms and 12.5 baths, 
a single family home!
For fun, see more photos of this true beauty, by clicking on