July 5, 2015

Hail from the Chief - Sailor Image

Aboard USS Chicago, 1900
Retired Chief Bob Harkins sent in this image of a sailor from 1900.  Pat Dunnigan, the hero in my Amelia Island's Mark of a Man historical novel set in 1898, served in the United States Navy during the Spanish American War and his uniform would have looked very similar this man's.  Bob found this picture on the US Navy Veteran's Facebook page. 

Thank you, Chief.   -jmm


 Excerpt from Amelia Island's Mark of a Man:
    Pat heard a door slam, lifted his gaze and looked around to realize he was in an alley between a bank and a barbershop. Snow covered the ground and the pile of bricks off to one side. The white crystals didn't glisten. Instead, they displayed a dull, gray sheen. The man before him wasn't his father but had transformed somehow into a sailor wearing a Navy uniform, the same as Pat now wore. This man was Eli Martin, one of his crewmates. Pat didn't care for the man, never had. No, it was more than that. Pat couldn’t stand him. The loud and boastful thug was powerful, standing two heads taller than most men. Pat looked around for Stewie and Riccardie.  Everyone had vanished except Eli, who swayed from liquor...

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