May 9, 2016

New to Me, a Gone With The Wind Photo

If you didn't know, I'm a long time Windie.  This means I love all things Gone With The Wind. (Perhaps that is why my Goodbye Lie novels have been compared to this classic in tone and appeal.) Over the years, I've read and seen much on the subject.  I was happily surprised the other day when my daughter, Barbra, send me this photo of the great author, Margaret Mitchell!  I had never seen this shot before.  What a treat! 

I don't know where it was taken or by whom. To me, it appears the writer is sitting on either a radiator  or plaid window seat cushion because she's leaning against an open window.  I think those are bushes beyond her right shoulder.  Note the jaunty hat and corsage, the fancy dress, too. It's more than a house dress.  It looks sheer.  I dare say this is part of the publicity for the book (released in 1936) or the film (first shown publicly on December 15, 1939).  Who wears a hat inside? Maybe for a tea or luncheon?  (You might catch me wearing a crown, but rarely a hat indoors, unless it's for the press.  Then I'll wear whatever they want me to, within gracious reason, of course.)

If you know the origin of this picture, please email me at and I'll update this post with the info.

I love discoveries!  Don't you?

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