August 7, 2018

Grammy Camp - Beach Wreath - Plus Goodbye Lie Diaries - Peeper

     This easy creation was inspired by the cover of our *Amelia Islander Magazine. I recycled this grapevine wreath or you can buy one inexpensively, find some shells on the beach, in that glass vase on your hutch or online. A little paint and glue and you can start creating! Instructions are below:

Beach Wreath

You'll Need:
grapevine wreath (the fuller, the better looking, I think)
white spray paint
aqua paint
glitter (optional)
pearls (optional)
old jewelry (optional)
ribbon for hanging if needed

     On a protected surface, I put newspaper on the garage floor, lightly spray your grapevine wreath with white paint, so it looks white-washed. Let dry.
     While drying, paint only some of your seashells with the aqua using a brush. Let dry. Leave several shells natural.
     Arrange the shells on the wreath in a pleasing pattern, remembering odd numbers of groupings, look best to the eye. I used three to a grouping.
     Glue and add trim.
     Hang proudly or give as a pretty gift!
                    Enjoy, Jane Marie - present day 
The Goodbye Lie Diaries
Late 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Peeper writes: Boy howdie! If that ain't a perty thing, I don't know what is. With all the littles, that's how I've taken ta callin' the grandchildren - Yes, with all the littles a-runnin' wild around Dunnigan Manor, this sure would keep 'em busy. We will first gather wild grapevine ta make our wreaths. We can hang 'em on the front rail of the
Miss Ella
house. Miss Ella would like that. She loves them littles almost, almost as much as I do!

*Amelia Islander

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