September 27, 2019

Making Muggage

     Around our house, we often add an age to subject matter.  Example: foodage, paintage, doggage, cattage, mailage, etc.  Why? I have no answer to that.  
     Anyway, it is never too early or too late to create.  Well, at Grammy Camp, granddaughter Ava painted these two mugs for us, resulting in lovely muggage. (Note how the coffee creamer, yet to be stirred in, resembled palm fronds, similar to what she painted on the cup!)  These are easy, fun, inexpensive and make great gifts from the kids for any occasion.  Should you have to purchase small bottles of acrylic enamel paint for glass, limit your choice of colors to half a dozen or less to keep the cost down. 

You'll Need:

  • Dollar Store plain ceramic mugs
  • Enamel/Glass acrylic paint in colors of your choice from your local craft store or Walmart 
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Oven

Wipe down the surface to be painted with the alcohol to remove any oil/grease and let it dry for a few minutes.  The paint will adhere better.  Freehand or trace your picture to be painted.  Paint away.  Once the paint dries, bake the mugs in the oven for a few minutes, according to the bottle directions.  This will secure the paint and make it dishwasher-safe.  Have fun! 

September 18, 2019

Charming Storm Drain

As I was walking back to my car after a book signing at Sea Jade's*, an old Florida souvenir shop,  extraordinaire, and home of my Goodbye Lie historical romance series, I came across this small image on the curb. I had to snap a photo of it to share with you.  Only in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida might you spy a pink shrimp wearing a pirate hat and eye patch.  This is just one more example of the charm of our lovely Victorian island town. 

*Sea Jade is located in the middle of Amelia Island's historic district at 208 Centre Street, Fernandina Beach, FL.  904 277-2977.  They have everything you didn't realize you needed and a lovely staff to help you find it!

September 13, 2019

Grammy Camp Canvas Painting

   As part of our annual Grammy Camp, granddaughter Ava and I always draw, paint and create.  This time, per her request, we ordered canvas zippered bags online.  With permanent Sharpie markers, she fashioned these delights in which each of us can keep our drawing tools. 

After drawing the kitty, Ava covered her with glitter paint to bring her to enchanted life.  Note how one single glitter sparkle ended up smack-dab in the center of the sweet heart below.  Ava gave this canvas case to me.  Oh, she signed and dated it on the back.  I love it!  Thank you, dear girl! - Your Grammy