July 12, 2020

To Bill and Coo

    Yes, as you may know, to bill and coo means to 
smooch and speak softly to each other. As the author of The Goodbye Lie  historical romance novels, I thought it best to find out the origin of this idiom. (Don't be too impressed.  I looked it up.)  I guessed the coo represented the sweet sound doves make, doves usually being the birds in love birds.  But billing?  I had no idea.  It seems the origin of billing is from birds affectionately rubbing their bills together. It's as simple as that.  These are the things that clog my mine.  -jmm

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The Goodbye Lie series is on Amelia Island in north Florida, circa late 1800s

 - the Lure, the Love, the Legend that is the Dunnigan family saga ...    

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