July 26, 2020

Grammy Camp - Fairy Jars /Goodbye Lie Diaries -Peeper

      It's Grammy Camp time, again!  Here is one of this year's offerings, Fairy Jars, crafted by granddaughter Ava and myself.  They are easy to make and you can be as creative as you like.  Add an on/off tea light, place by a brightly lit window or in front of a string of twinkle lights.  Here is how we did it:

You'll need:

1 glass side-resting jar with screw lid from the Dollar Store

1 cut-out fairy found on the internet, adjusted and printed to 3 inches to fit the inside of the jar

Mod-Podge clear satin sealer/glue

Acrylic white paint for interior, thinned with water

Old toothbrush to spatter the white paint inside the jar

Embellishments like plastic pine tree, sequins, glitter, 3-D paint, ribbon, tulle, netting, ribbon, lace, glass pebbles, rhinestones, etc.

   Paint clear Mod Podge on round inside of jar and press paper fairy in place at appealing angle.  Once dry, paint fairy with more Mod Podge to seal.  Once dry, thin white paint with water. With toothbrush, run finger over brush, spattering paint inside of the jar. Be sure and cover surface for over-spray. Add embellishments and trim, decorating the exterior of the lid.  Set in front of light and just enjoy or fill with your secret treasures!

 Goodbye Lie Diaries 

Amelia Island, Florida
Late 1800s

Grandmother Peeper writes:  Woo-dandy!  The
little ones and me can make these Fairy Jars for presents.  They's always after me ta come up with ideas and this one is sweet.  Now my jars will not be such as yours.  We will be a workin' with jelly jars I use and I don't know nothin' 'bout no internet to find fairies.  We will be drawing ours with a pencil, but we've plenty of glue and fancies to pretty up each one.  Continue asendin' us your ideas, Jane Marie.  We gotta keep them kiddos outta mischief.  Did I tell ya how Jack Patrick dug up the daffodil bulbs in Aunt Noreen's front flowerbed and give them to his mother fer her birthday?  Let's just say he was doin' lots a standin' fer a few days after that particular antic.   Out of all the folks ta do that to, I'm glad it was done ta Noreena.   It warmed my heart.  Now don't got tellin' on me, will ya?

Peeper Clegg adopted the Dunnigan family and moved right in on them, way back in the 1860s.  Now, she is the beloved grandmother of the lot.   Famous for her elixir fixers and funny fights with neighbor Aunt Noreen, she is a prime character in the The Goodbye Lie historical romance series <---available and="" e-books="" font="" in="" paperbacks.="">

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