July 27, 2020

Grammy Camp Coffee Filter Flower Wreath and Goodbye Lie Diaries - Nora

     I don't know how I missed the wonders of coffee filter flowers until now, at Grammy Camp with granddaughter Ava, but I LOVE them. So easy and inexpensive to make, I have already fashioned another 18 for a garland/swag to hang from the mantel.

For one blossum, You'll Need:
6 coffee filters, white or brown
Water based paint or food coloring- diluted with water for shading (optional)
Wire wreath form from Dollar Store
Hot glue
(Wire for stems for vase-style flowers and floral tape to cover the wire)

     It takes 6 coffee filters per about 5-inch blossom. After repeatedly folding 2 sets of 3 filers into small wedges and rounding the corners with scissors, I stacked the filters, staggering the petal scallops. Gathering the petals tips together in one hand, I secured the blossom-bud at the bottom on the outside with one staple.  Then I just crinkled it into a ball and straightened it out again as much or as little as looked good to me. Leave white or brown, depending  upon your filter. For color, dip them into water-downed acrylic paint or food coloring. Squeeze out the excess water, wear gloves if you're smart, let them dry and re-fluff.  I got a wire wreath form from the Dollar Store and hot glued them on, adding a few ready-made rose buds I already had and a multi-colored bow of ribbon and lace.
     THIS IS AN INDOOR WREATH!  I only hung it on our front gate so the colors would photograph true in outdoor light.   Here is a link to instructions.  While I can't find the online site I followed, these will work just fine at https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Coffee-Filter-Flowers.  Enjoy!  I know Ava and I certainly did. 


The Goodbye Lie Diaries

Amelia Island, Florida

Late 1880s

Nora Duffy writes: 

Dear Jane Marie,
     I must tell you how the photograph of your coffee filter flower wreath has inspired me to try
*Nora Duffy
my hand at this.  The quilt on my bed has similar soft colors in it and so I think a vase of flowers will look lovely on the bedside table.  I am sure your Aunt Noreen will want me to make some for her as well.  You know my dear mother and how she enjoys getting new things.  Perhaps we might learn this flower skill together.  Oh, and she could ask the ladies in her Linger Longer group to tea so they, too, might make their own.  Why, with a little plain paper and paint, I can image this project “blossoming” all over town!

*Nora Duffy is the first cousin to the Dunnigan sisters, Carolena, Breelan and Marie in The Goodbye Lie historical romance series.  Growing up next door, she spends as much or more time at Dunnigan Manor than at home with her mother, Noreen.  (Grandmother Peeper calls Aunt Noreen, Noreena, just to irritate her. ) Nora is ever-encouraging participation in adventures, often disregarding the potential danger of a situation. Everyone loves her for her kindness, loyalty and exceptional red hair.  

is available in E-books and Paperbacks

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