December 21, 2021

2021 Our Annual Christmas Letter


Mother says a Santa hat is the perfect addition to her hanging art. 

     🎄 'Tis the Season and time, yet again, to fill you in on a few of the many thrilling highlights from this year.  While facemasks and separation were still in fashion, we managed to focus on our family's usual wackiness.  Herein are a few actual quotes recorded for posterity.  😂

Brother: "Whose socks are these?"

Daughter calling her own number:  "Where's my phone?"  Son-in-law:  It's in here, where I was sleeping."  

Aunt: "I can't cook in the dark."  Father:  "You don't pay the electric bill."

Uncle: "Okay, who wants to go with me to buy glue?"

Mother:  "Would someone with a brain, please dial the right number?"

Granddaughter:  "Anybody got a Q-tip?  Oh, thank God!"

Merry Christmas!

 from those of us who are brave (or dumb) enough to admit affiliation with 

Jane Marie Malcolm / Gracious Jane Marie

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