February 2, 2018

Walking Leaf plus Goodbye Lie Diaries- Peeper

       Have a look at the walking    
leaf aka leaf insect aka leaf bug in the above picture. How wonderful, don't you think?  My friend, Carlo, showed me this fascinating critter, and I want to make sure you, my on-line friends, see it, too.  I did some mini-research. Always in disguise, it can be from one to four inches long. It has six legs and doesn't bite. Notice it has veins, too, just like a real leaf. The babies are a dark red and turn green as they grow. Its walk is such that it wobbles as if blowing in the breeze like a real leaf! 
     For further details, click  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqGiEOw17wA and/or do a video search for walking leaf on YouTube.

 Goodbye Lie Diaries

Late 1800s
Fernandina, Florida   

Peeper writes:  I and our youngins has seen them things and the walkin' stick, too.  Ain't God grand?

(Peeper is the beloved grandmother, who knocked on the Dunnigan family front door one day during the Civil War.  Announcing she'd heard Michael, the patriarch, was off fighting, she entered their home to take care of Miss Ella and her two girls, Breelan and Carolena.  Peeper never left.)

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