June 28, 2018

Save the Mat!

     I had a perfectly good doormat faded from the intense sunlight here on Amelia Island, Florida.  You know how I like my spray paint. (Passersby want to buy my formerly old faded pink flamingos right out of our front yard because the spray can found them and they are now so randomly colorful.)
     I got to thinking, as I often do. I pulled out the paint, placed the boring mat on the grass and with the push of a spray can button, I spritzed a very light coat of dark green onto the overall mat.  Next came the white for the leaves and vines, followed by the pink and peach for the roses.  It took less than five minutes to enhance the mat and I think it turned out pretty well.  It's by the front door now, offering a silent greeting that says: "The people inside this house are zany!  Prepare yourselves!"  (Someone described me as zany recently, and I've never had a happier compliment in my life!)

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