March 6, 2010

Gracious Jane Marie Is Back!

My own treasured friends,

I've missed you! My last official newsletter, The Never Ending Video at on, our 800-plus page website I share with my sister, Nancy Kamp, was dated March 2008. I just reread it and laughed out loud. (As my niece Caryn of says, "I'm the funniest person I know. She must get it from me because I am, too.) The reason it's been such a long while since you've heard from me in the form of the newsletter is that birth, death, life and politics got in the way. As for the politics part, my husband, Bruce Malcolm, was elected mayor of Fernandina Beach, on Amelia Island, Florida. It was a fun ride for sure. Now that adventure is behind us and I'm back to devoting much more time to my basic love- creative writing.

Lest you think I have done no writing these past two years, I am proud to tell you my second historic novel, Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow in The Goodbye Lie series at has recently been released. It's another Fernandina Fancy, as I like to call my stories, set in our late 1880s Southern island town on the Atlantic Ocean. I am as proud of it as I am the first book, The Goodbye Lie. Both novels stand alone as they chronicle the lives, adventures, and loves of Michael Dunnigan and his beloved wife, Miss Ella. Each focuses on the escapades of one of their adult children, Breelan, Carolena, Jack Patrick or Marie.

I have to share the best compliment I've ever received from a woman passing by my table at a book signing. All she said was, "Your stories are where Gone With The Wind meets Little House on the Prairie ..." I'll take it! That really does sum up the basics. I centered them on wholesome family tradition and honor doing fierce battle with treachery and deceptive liaisons then peppered each with bickering humor between Peeper, the adopted grandmother, and nasty Aunt Noreen. Toss in a Christmas ball at Fort Clinch, a little mass murder, twisting plots, mystery, and the horrific Johnstown, Pennsylvania flood- Well, we're talking major sagas.

So, be it a silly blog full of my personal Lucy moments, family teddy bear stories, or sweeping historic novels, you're stuck with me here at Blogger,, and Facebook under Jane Marie, author at

Now go out and spread the word to all who treasure the same wonderful things we do, family, gracious living, roses, recipes, and tasteful romance, that Gracious Jane Marie is back!

More soon ...


Jane Marie

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