August 3, 2010

What's That Novel in the Window?

Remember that old NOVELTY tune about a doggie in the window?  Here is my reworded version.

 "What is that novel in the window?  The one with the tangling tale. Oh what is that novel in the window?  I do hope that novel's on sale."

Sharon Vernon came all the way from Joplin, MO, just to look in the bookstore window of Books Plus in Fernandina, Florida to see my novels in the The Goodbye Lie series! Did I mention, she also was on vacation with her family, visiting us since she, my husband, Bruce, and her husband, Butch, have been friends since grade school? Some kind of wonderful, huh?

Thank you, Butch and Sharon and Kelli and Wayne. Your vacation became ours as we toured our little town once more. This time from the water!

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