January 26, 2011

Look What I Found

I get Google alerts. Here's one I found for my historic novel, The Goodbye Lie at http://renewcredits.com/list/v2545535993i/vlo51754576.

"The Storms on Florida’s Amelia Island Bring Romance and Murder
As the tornado in 1882 swept through the seaside town on Amelia Island, Breelan Dunnigan, an aspiring writer, got caught up in the whirlwind and ended up in New York City. Fact? No. Fiction? Yes. It’s the beginning of a heart-breaking romance and unexpected adventure in Jane Marie Malcolm’s most recent novel, “The Goodbye Lie” (ISBN 0974918229, Greenlightwrite.)

Immature and impulsive, much like the teens of today, Breelan pays the price that is high and her life is never the same. Her escape to New York City brings new love, however, when she returns to Florida, her life turns upside down. Strong family bonds and values are soon pitted against passion, jealousy and murder."

Thank you renewcredits.com. I'll take it!

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