February 6, 2011

Another Lucy Moment by a True Sports Fan

   Congrats to the Packers for winning the Super Bowl!
   Now here's the real exciting part of the story! I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Why the Steelers? Because I'm from Erie, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh is in Pennsylvania. Hence, I'm a fan. If I’m honest, that's about the extent of my sports knowledge. Don't get me wrong. I am clued into a few important distinctions in the world of sports, like a baseball is small and round and hard and there is stitching on it and if certain players sign it and you catch it in the stands, you can keep it or sell it on e-bay and make your next car payment. I also know that a football has two pointy ends.
   With this in-depth knowledge in head, I was feeling the spirit. So this morning, I told my sweet husband, Bruce, that we should wear Steeler colors today. Being Sunday, he asked, "To church?"
   "Sure," says I. "So long as it's tasteful, we'll be fine." Actually, there was a man wearing a Steeler jersey to church last week, so I thought colors would be lovely.
   It was chilly in church and I kept on my coat during the service. When it was over, I went over to the man, who was again wearing the jersey. I opened my jacket to show him my colors and said, "I guess you know who I'm rooting for." He looked at me and it wasn't until I told him I'm from Erie, that he smiled. We chit-chatted about the glories of Pittsburgh, which included my 6th grade field trip there, and  we parted hoping good things for our team.
   Now those who know me know I think of myself as quite the "artiste." Hey, I can paint palm trees on coasters, and flowers on Secret Pebbles™, and draw doll faces on fabric. I've won ribbons in our local county fair after all. I tell you this so you'll realize what a grand eye I have for color.
   So in the afternoon, Bruce and I made a mad dash to the big city of Jacksonville to buy frames from my art. As we stood in line, I looked around thinking how people are too up tight, too easily embarrassed. So much so, they don't have the courage to wear their favorite team colors on such a big football day as this.
   Bruce, too, is looking around which prompted his whispering to me. "I hate to say it, but I don't think our black and red are the colors of the Steelers." He nodded toward a man waiting in line behind us who was wearing a Steeler jersey. It was indeed black, but the second color was not red. It was yellow.
   Oh, you might wonder why Bruce didn't tell me it was yellow and black, not red and black this morning. I asked him that very question. Being a Joplin, MO boy, he said, he kind of thought the red was wrong, but since he actually wanted Green Bay to win, he didn't think much more about it.
   Did I mention I am the founding member of the very popular Three Second Memory Club? Perhaps I should start a second club. Would anyone like to join me in the new No Attention to Details Club? Red, yellow, 210, 220 (Mr. Mom), pre-med, pre-law (Animal House)…

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