July 17, 2011

Lost Art

Whilst walking about Wally-World the other day, I inquired of a young lady, mayhap two and twenty years old, "Where might the cross stitch supplies be? The floss, in particular."

Her reply? "I don't know what you're talking about. Do you mean yarn?  My great grandmother used to use metal sticks and make sweaters with string or yarn or something. The only floss I know about is dental floss.  If we have any of that, it's probably over there," and she pointed toward the toothpaste aisle.

Oh my, oh my, my. Dear ladies and gents. So much has gone by the wayside- crank telephones, typewriters, black and white TVs. Let not the art of cross stitch join that group. Please, please, in the name of all that is handcrafted, if you know how or know of someone who knows how to cross stitch, crewel, heirloom handstitch, candlewick, knit, hook, tat, quilt or sew, please, please, teach another.  Keep these leisurely arts alive in this day of instant everything.

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